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Marine Superintendent Resume

Ships need continuous upholding to maintain them functioning, resourcefully and safely. The marine superintendent is responsible for all of these tasks. As claimed by the web site, the standard yearly salary for a US marine superintendent was approximately $56,433 in August 2010.A marine superintendent maintains the ship's safety apparatuses, machinery and equipment in perfect condition. She or he authorizes replacement and repair of equipment, and oversees the ship's staff in complying with environmental and safety guidelines. This job takes in implementing and researching new methods to develop daily operations, managing budgets, and putting together reports for executives and authoritarian agencies.


Wide-ranging knowledge of vessel operating and engineering systems is imperative to this job. Administrative and motivational abilities aid a superintendent make his personnel work as efficiently. He must comprehend dry-dock practices and maritime legislation.

A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, maritime engineering or engineering is compulsory. Familiarity in keeping up maritime ships is a benefit, and overseeing or administrative background is advantageous.

Marine Superintendent Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Kenneth J. Morrison
Address: 21, Blue Water Street
Someville, US, 93279
Home: (433) 828-9287
Mobile: (727) 777-0111


Passionate and dedicated professional seeking a job position as Marine Superintendent to highlight all my great abilities in working in the maritime field.

Working experience

Blue Fleet Co.
2007 - 2010

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for motivating ship's personnel and encouraging teamwork
  • Maintaining frequent communication with senior management
  • Helped with the maintenance and the repairing of the ship's electrical systems
  • Oversaw the planning for dry docks
Deck Officer
East Ways Co.
2005 - 2007

Duties and Responsibilities

  • In charge of navigation and the administration of safety equipment on the vessel
  • Responsible for supervising the shoot line
  • Examining the cables and taking care that the ship is not too close
Deck Officer
White Flag Vessels Co.
2001 - 2005

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining and administrating the safety equipment on the vessel
  • Keeping all records and books up to date
  • In charge of navigation and the loading and discharging of the vessel�s content according to the C/O plan
Education and training
  • 2007: Marine Superintendent Class at ABC School, England
  • 2007: ISM Auditor Class
  • 2005: ISPS auditor Class
  • 2005: TAPROOT Root Course at MNB School
  • 2003: LPG/LNG Course at ABC School
  • 2000: Master's Degree from Torshavn Navigations Skole, Denmark
  • 1999: S�tterskipper diploma from Klaksvik Navigations Skole, Denmark
Skills and qualifications
  • Vast experience in working on deck, for more than 9 years
  • Active and dedicated to the job
  • Previously worked as Operation Manager
  • Exceptional familiarity with communication equipment and tools on vessels
  • Close acquainted with RO-RO, gas and tug vessels
  • Reliable and practiced
Addition Info
  • Languages: English (native language), Faeroese (moderate), French (beginner) and Danish (moderate)
  • IT: Proficiency in working with computerized software regarding communication and personal use
Personal qualities and skills
  • Dependable
  • Accountable
  • Hardworking
  • Positive
  • Great sense of humor
  • Well trained
  • Adaptable to changing environment

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