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Occupational Licensing Examiner Resume

An occupational licensing examiner is a paraprofessional working in the business development and regulation field, having the important responsibility of providing administrative support for businesses and professionals in the field of occupational licensing. These trained professionals provide the necessary information about occupation licensure needs and afferent applications, asses applications and documents from professionals in need for licensure and prepare examinations in accordance with various professional standards.


The resume of an occupational licensing examiner needs to specify the clerical experience of the incumbent, which is the most necessary work experience in the field. Knowledge in the field of occupational licensure or similar work experience would be an advantage.

Occupational Licensing Examiner Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Ryan Plum
Birth date: 15.03.1974
Address and Contact Details: 11th Sunset Boulevard, CA 94305
Tel: 222.222.0000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: MarriedDriver's license: Yes

Job Objective:

Looking for the post of an occupational licensing examiner and thereby offer my administrative support in connecting the public with licensing authorities and the Division of Occupational Licensing.


  • Extensive knowledge about occupational regulations, procedures and policies regarding licensing programs
  • Profound knowledge about licensing needs of different types of professionals
  • Ability to communicate with public companies, individual professionals and public institutions
  • Verbal and written communicational skills
  • Administrative and organizational abilities
  • Ability to select applicants for examinations in accordance with licensing programs regulations
  • Ability to keep records and process and interpret information
  • Ability to improve occupational licensing standards and procedures with new ideas and recommendations
Computer knowledge:

Windows XP,
Microsoft Office,
Database applications and information processing applications

Work Experience:

Occupational Licensing Examiner, 1999-2010
The Division of Occupational Licensing, State of Alaska


  • Responding to enquires from private business and individual professionals about licensing needs for different jobs activities
  • Performing minor researching for various professional fields in licensing literature
  • Reviewing license applications and selecting applicants with sufficient supporting documents
  • Informing applicant about examination procedures, scheduling, locations, results
  • Determining legal requirements for licensure
  • Preparing and coordinating examinations and collaborating with the licensing board
  • Keeping records with each applicant and license
  • Managing correspondence and informing the public about legislative modifications in licensure requirements
  • Testifying in court trials as an occupational licensing representative
Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Business Administration, North California University
Bachelor's Degree in Economical Science, North California University


The position of occupational licensing examiner has offered me the opportunity to contribute to the business development in our community.

Areas of interest:

Music, cinema, politics


Available if needed

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