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Police Officer Resume

Police Officers are skilled workers who fight crime and maintain a peaceful and safe environment. Police Officers have to verify various zones and cities to make sure that everything is under control.

There are various types of Police Officers depending on the place they are assigned to. A School Police Officer can work in colleges, universities or schools.


They have to ensure the safety of students and teachers, to investigate threats and to resolve various security issues that might occur. School Police Officers have to investigate and offer proper punishment to the people involved in vandalism, violence, theft or other troubling problems. Military Police Officers manage and resolve threats within the military. Federal Police Officers work in government offices and they make sure that the place and people within the buildings are safe from attacks and threats. These professionals also work with detectives regarding various crimes like smuggling and identity theft.

Your Police Officer resume must focus on the most important information regarding your experience, skills and education in this field. This information has to offer the employers an overview image of your skills and abilities, which you can use as a Police Officer. The first thing you have to add is your contact information: full name, permanent addresses, telephone number and e-mail address. The objective statement in your Resume has to inform the employer of your career goals or to express your interest in a specific job or position as a Police Officer.

Then, don't forget to add your education, skills, experience and other activities or achievements (clubs or professional affiliations). In your skills and qualifications section, you can add skills which make you a competitive candidate for the position. Education and work experience have to be arranged ain a chronological manner. In the work experience, you have to add your main duties and responsibilities for every job you have held.

The job of Police Officers is a very dangerous one because they put their life to risk every day.

Police Officer Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Paul Young
Address: 5th Ave
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 10.03.1976


From my experience, I can state that Police Officers are skilled workers who fight crime and who maintain a peaceful and safe environment.


Actively seeking a challenging position as a Police Officer, where my strong problem solving skills can be used to ensure a safer community


Dedicated, motivated and energetic Police Officer Police officer with extensive experience in performing law enforcement duties like maintaining the peace and protecting the citizens of Washington City

Skills and qualifications

  • Deep experience in investigative procedures and patrol
  • Powerful hand-cuffing, excellent crisis intervention and tactical communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of CPR methods and First Aid
  • Outstanding motivational and presentation skills

Police Officer, City of Washington, 2005-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Patrol assigned areas in the city in order to resolve difficult situations
  • Applied vehicle operation and parking laws and policies
  • Coordinated the city traffic
  • Answered calls and resolve situations regarding fires, accidents and other dangerous situations
  • Performed felony arrests and issued citations
  • Escorted bank deposits and prisoners
Police Security Officer, Washington University, 2000-2005

Duties and responsibilities

  • Monitored and verified the students who came in and out of the University area
  • Detained suspects for questioning regarding various issues
  • Verified historical data and information found in state records
  • Detained students who violated laws and rules in the campus area

Bachelor of Science in Criminal, Washington University, Washington, DC

Achievements and affiliations

Dean's Lister, Washington University
Member of the Association of Chief Police Officer since 2005

Areas of interest

Safety techniques and procedures


References available upon request

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