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Police Patrol Officer Resume

Police patrol officers are those individuals who perform the general duties of law enforcement. They are the first authorities present at every disaster, traffic accident, homicide or domestic disturbance with bad consequences. They cope with lost children and dogs, petty theft as well as with felonious assaults. A police patrol officer must be aware about what is happening and what he has to do about it.


Patrol officers must be very familiar with local ordinances and state laws, because they have to deal appropriately with violations and recognize them, no matter if they require an arrest, physical intervention or simply a harmless warning. Patrol officers are responsible for gathering evidence, securing crime scenes, controlling crowds, preventing crime, regulating traffic and arresting violators.

In conclusion, their main duty is to intervene, be the first responder and manage incidents, in order to protect our properties and lives.

Police patrol officers are required to possess at least a high school diploma and most of the times one or two years of college, or even a college degree. They have to complete classroom trainings at accredited police academies and are, afterwards, trained by experienced police officers.

If you want to protect the community and you've considered applying for the position of a police patrol officer, here is how the resume should look like:

Police Patrol Officer Resume Sample

Mario Gonzales
825 Broad Street

Personal Details

Name: Mario Gonzales
Birth Date: 28 April 1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking an interview for the position of a police patrol officer, in order to serve the community using my experience and acquired knowledge.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor of Science in police science at George Washington University, Washington DC in 2004
  • Law enforcement certification
Competences and Expert Skills
  • Ability to direct traffic
  • Enforcement of the radar
  • Expressway and motorcycle enforcement
  • Responding to radar calls
  • Evaluating and coaching new recruits
  • Excellent accident investigation skills
  • Remarkable work ethic
  • Responsible team builder
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
Professional Experience

2005-Present date: Police patrol officer for the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Pursuing, indentifying and arresting perpetrators and suspects of criminal acts
  • Recording facts for reports documenting activities and incidents
  • Reviewing incidents, in order to determine if statute violations or criminal acts were performed
  • Providing first aid to accident victims and persons who suffered physical injuries
  • Testifying in court to act as witness or present evidence in criminal and traffic cases
  • Evaluating emergency-request and complaint information, in order to determine requirements
  • Patrolling specific areas on horseback, foot or in vehicles
  • Noting, monitoring, reporting and investigating suspicious situations and persons, illegal or unusual activity and safety hazards in patrol areas
  • Investigating accidents, such as those in traffic, in order to determine if a crime has been committed and what the causes were
  • Issuing warnings or citations to people who violated motor vehicle ordinances
  • Directing reroute traffic and traffic flow in case of emergencies
  • Assisting road motorists by providing road information.
  • Completed 5 courses in gang and drug dealing awareness
  • Distinguished member of the National Association of Officers Award
Areas of interest
  • Law
  • Politics

Available upon request.

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