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Polygraph Examiner Resume

Polygraph examiners are trained and licensed to give and conduct lie detector test to suspects, witnesses and other persons involved in criminal trials. They have to meet with an attorney to determine which questions they will address to each individual and they must understand which type of questions they are allowed to ask and which don't fit the guidelines.


A polygraph, also known as "lie detector", is the instrument that measures and records certain involuntary body responses that are caused by the emotional state of an individual. The examiner is comparing a reaction recorded for a question unlikely to cause stress with the reaction recorded for questions related to the criminal case.

Before a polygraph examiner meets the subject for testing, he or she gathers information about the person and the circumstances involved. These professionals research the medical history, childhood, possible emotional illnesses and alcohol or drug abuse of the subject and inquire into the police record. In criminal cases, examiners may be required to visit the crime scene, the police station or the morgue for information.

Polygraph examiners are responsible for properly hooking up suspects and witnesses to the equipment, for asking them questions and creating a written report to deliver to the attorneys and judges based on the results of the examination.

Candidates for this position are not required to have a specific college degree, but most polygraph examiners possess a bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, political science or similar fields. Besides the degree, polygraph examiners must also take courses at an accredited school and complete a state administered examination, in order to become certified.

Your CV should present your educational background and the number of cases which you have solved by properly handling the polygraph.

Polygraph Examiner Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Joseph Erikson
Birth Date: 19 August 1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of a polygraph examiner and use my deep knowledge and solid experience to help solve the toughest cases.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Chicago, IL in 2001
  • Vast experience in administering polygraph examinations
  • Thorough knowledge of legal limitations, technical and other mechanical aspects of the polygraphy
  • Extensive knowledge of polygraph chart interpretation and analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of all the physiological aspects of polygraphs
  • Strong ability to exercise judgment through every phase of the polygraph analysis and examination
Professional Experience

2004-Present date: Polygraph examiner for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Chicago, IL

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Performing polygraph examinations
  • Discussing and formulating test questions with the subjects
  • Maintaining logs and records of the examinations conducted
  • Determining if criminal cases were meeting the standards for administering a polygraph test
  • Collaborating with various court systems and law enforcement agencies in administering polygraph tests
2001-2004: Polygraph examiner for Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Screening and interrogating subjects to verify truthfulness or detect deception, using standard techniques and polygraph equipment
  • Evaluating reactions to questions, interpreting and diagnosing the emotional responses of the subjects to key questions
  • Appearing as a witness in court to testify about polygraph examinations
  • Preparing reports and keeping records on the examinations themselves

I have successfully fulfilled my duty as a polygraph examiner and helped solve several criminal cases.

Areas of interest

  • Criminology
  • Psychology

Available upon request.

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