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Secretary of Police Resume

A secretary of police provides customer support and manages administrative tasks in a police section. The legal secretary must have good knowledge of how the law works, must possess good administrative skills, and must be customer oriented. These skills are important, because in this position, you will interact with a lot of people on various law issues. You need to respond to various questions in an accurate manner and you have to be able to understand all the legal documentation. For more information on this job, a sample secretary of police resume is offered next. A legal secretary resume must highlight their skills and experience in the field, leaving the unrelated studies aside.


Sample Secretary of Police Resume

CONTACT DATA Name: Daisy Hogan
Birth date: 11/23/1983
Phone: (555) 555 1456
Address: Fifth Ave, Manhattan, New York
Nationality: American
Marital status: Single
Driver's license: Yes


I am looking to secure a position as a legal secretary within your company. I wish to work in a company where I can put to good use my previous experience and skills, while being able to develop professionally.


  • Excellent computer skills, including MS OFFICE, Adobe, Internet, Outlook
  • Very good interpersonal skills and communication abilities
  • Abilities of prioritizing tasks and duties
  • Administration and management skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Good in human resource and personal management
  • Knowledge of human behavior, performance and psychology
  • Strong managerial skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Great leadership skills
  • Very strong administrative knowledge, as well as law knowledge
  • Friendly and polite
  • Pleasant appearance, always attentive to details
  • Experienced in the field, with good knowledge of the industry
  • Analytical mind: able to do mathematical calculations

Secretary, MARBLE INC, Manhattan, New York 2001–2005

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Arranged the manager’s daily agenda, prioritizing her tasks and meetings
  • Answered phone calls, work emails
  • Passed on messages
  • Connected different departments of the institution by phone
  • Arranged and handled business travels, made and canceled reservations, scheduled appointments
  • Attended business meetings and signed contracts
  • Replaced general manager and took on her duties when she was unavailable
  • Recruited, interviewed and hired new personnel and provided work contracts and terminated them if necessary
  • Greeted people when entering the institution and provided customer support

Legal secretary, Margo and Associates, Brooklyn, New York, 2005–2010

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Wrote and handled legal paperwork
  • Prepared court papers and sent them in
  • Replied to work emails and phone calls
  • Made reservations and scheduled appointment meetings for the visitors
  • Provided information related to administration
  • Wrote contracts
  • Handled the budget and money
  • Performed all the clerical work necessary for the law firm
  • Maintain electronic based database
  • Providing lawyers assistance with research for cases, arranging necessary documents for trials and submitting paperwork to courthouse
  • Made notes during legal meetings
  • Scheduling clients meetings
  • Making office memos
  • Providing information to attorneys after researching for review and approval
  • Answering queries about matters like status of pending cases, appeal procedure and court rules
  • Making video and audio records of meetings, settlement discussion and interviews
  • Performing a final draft of prepared materials to be submitted in the court and correcting any grammar, spelling, punctuation, format error
  • Making necessary notes of court hearings and forwarding them to the interested parties
  • High school diploma, Manhattan High, NY, 1996–1998
  • Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies, University Of New York, New York, 1998–2001

Area of interest

  • Reading books
  • Surfing internet
  • Swimming
  • Driving
  • Travelling
  • Adventure sports


Ms Josef Fence
Margo and Associates, New York

Christine W. Morrow
General Manager
Marble Inc, Manhattan, New York

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