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Senior Commissary Agent Resume

The main aspect of creating a resume is to get an interview call from the employer. Be specific, clear and precise in drafting your resume, and highlight the essential parts of the resume that includes your working experience, job description and academic qualifications. It is important that you should have a prior experience before applying for this position.


Senior commissary agents resume is constructed in order to apply for the related domain in any of the reputed organization. The main task of the senior commissary agent is to coordinate and monitor the activities of commissary agents involved in ordering, receiving, organizing, storing and loading various flight supplies aboard aircrafts. They are also responsible for assessing the supply of goods and services such as emergency kits, beverage and food service supplies, linens and glasses. They have to be able to assess the supply situation on aircrafts and instruct the staff in procuring missing items, such as emergency kits, beverage and food service supplies, linens and glasses. They also handle every aspect of this activity from the start to the end. They are also responsible for the inspecting the work of the employees i.e. checks for the quality of the services. Senior commissary agents have to be schedule commissary supply programs, depending on flight schedules. They have to manage paperwork and other related documents that include the supplies needed, loaded and available in the warehouses for each aircraft. Before applying for this position, it is important that they should have the basic knowledge of accounting, as senior commissary agents have to manage all the payment details with vendors, catering services. Now let us have a look at the sample senior commissary agent resume, as it will help you in developing your own resume for the position of senior commissary agents, and it will clear your doubts.

Sample Senior Commissary Agent Resume

Contact Information

Name: Peter Smith
Address: 4562 E Avenue, Fort Lee, VA 23801-1800, United States
Email id-
Home number: (555) 346 7800
Cell phone number: (555) 555 1759

Career Objective

Seeking for a position of senior commissary agent in a large air transportation company where I can use my skills and experience for the betterment and success of the company.

Skills set and professional qualitiess

  • Skillful and efficient
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Good knowledge of computers and its applications
  • Familiarity with commissary supply procedures and activities
  • Ability to manage a team of people
  • Assigns duties and monitors work progress of the employee/workers
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the clients
  • Accounting knowledge and negotiation abilities
  • Familiar with internet browsing and internet applications

Work Experience

Designation: Senior Commissary Agent
Duration: October, 2005 - Till date
Company name: Eagle Air Company, Virginia, United States

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the team and the co-workers in receiving, storing and loading supplies on aircrafts
  • Inspect storage space in warehouses and supply necessities of each aircraft
  • Inspect supplies quality and collaborates with catering services and vendors
  • Keep a record of shipments and ensures the qualities of work performance

Education and Training

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration, North Virginia University, United States, 2005
  • Bachelor's Degree in Geography and Tourism, North Virginia University, United States, 2002

Areas of interest

  • Travel
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Civilizations


Name: Mathew Thomas
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: Alpha Flying Club
Phone No: 9789- 299 - 2589
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: 01.07.1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Two
  • Driving license: Yes, B category
  • Contact Number: 999-8459-2323

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