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Financial Resume

There are ample of opportunities available in the field of finance. The jobs are in abundance in this field and the very fact makes this field very challenging and demanding. A lot of competition can be seen in the area. Finance is the key factor of every firm, every organization and every economy.

If you are planning to enter this field, you should be well prepared. Thorough knowledge is of course important but it is not the only thing. The first impression of the candidate will be created by your resume that you send to the recruiter. If you have never drafted any resume before, we suggest you to follow some resume template. These templates are available in abundance on various websites. You can change the content according to your requirements. Stick to the format you choose. Do not mix two formats.


If you wish to write a resume in your own style, go ahead. We are here to help you. Following are some of the points that would serve as tips and suggestions for writing an effective resume. These will definitely help you and make the task of resume writing less stressful.

Name and personal details
Write your full name and personal details like date of birth, e mail, phone number (with area code) and address with pin code. Write the details without mistakes.

Career objective
Be very clear in writing your career objective. Avoid long sentences and do not do a word game while writing about your objectives. The objectives can be specific as well as general. For example a specific objective would be, "A position as an assistant accountant in XYZ Company." Example of general career objectives is, "A position that will utilize my knowledge for the growth of the company."

The career objective gives the recruiter a clear picture of your potential.

Key skills
This is the next section of the resume in which you are supposed to mention the key skills you possess. Mention them in bullet points. Avoid paragraphs writing. Do not exaggerate or underestimate your qualities.

Educational Background
Write a brief account of your educational qualifications in this section. Mention the year, name of the school/college/institute, course attended and year of passing. If you had opted for special subjects, mention the subjects also under the headings of 'subjects studied'.

Professional experience
Go anti chronologically and mention the name of the company, the duration you worked with the company and the designation you had in that company. Mention the job responsibilities also.

Areas of interest
In this field, mention the areas you are interested in. Avoid putting extra information. Mention the hobbies or interests that are in connection to your job profile. Do not lie.

We suggest you to mention at least two references in your resume. Write the full name of the person, current designation, address, e mail and contact number. Be very sure that the names of the people you are providing, know you personally. The may be contacted to judge your authenticity.

A good resume should be drafted in a professional manner. This also applies to accounting resume. One needs to make sure that your resume is not lengthy. The average length of your resume should not exceed more than two pages. One should also do a quick research of the employer's requirements in order to draft an effective resume that pleases the employer and also helps you to get shortlisted for the job. Your resume is the first point of contact and it also represents the individual applying for the job. It is therefore very vital that the candidate drafts an impressive resume. The information listed in the resume should be authentic and correct as it is crucial to present yourself in a professional manner.

Following are the financial sample resumes:

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