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About Entry Level Finance Jobs

Umpteen numbers of degrees are spread all over the world for the umpteen numbers of people in here. There are a variety of people in the world who range from toppers to failures, but in today's world, what matters is not your marks but your talent. Recession has hit the employment sector so badly that you will not get a job just on the basis of your marks alone. You need to prove your skills. You need to know about entry level finance jobs that are available in the job industry.


One such field where your skills would be preferred more than your marks is the field of finance. It's a field where your experience and practical skills would be counted more. It is also a field that has become very beneficial and popular in this age of recession.

A degree in finance is a great idea in the current economical situation; it is good for those who have talent in this field. So for recent finance graduates who do not know what to expect, here are some options. Below are the most popular entry level finance jobs with the highest salaries and benefits.

Many grads ask about their salary in the first year. Usually entry level positions offer less responsibilities and less money, but this is not necessarily true in this field. The entry level salaries in finance can vary, but an average salary can be of $52.000, which is not bad at all. So what jobs and positions can the student choose in the financial field? Jobs vary with education, skills and qualifications. Banking is a great option for recent grads who apply for an entry level position in finance. Applicants have many opportunities because as everyone knows there is at least a bank in every town, and every bank has a long list of positions for finance graduates.

Another option for a recent finance grad is private equity. This position offers entry level applicants a huge earning potential and enjoyable work. The main responsibility of an entry level employee in a private equity industry is to find funds for business startups through investment opportunities.

Auditor is another great entry level job, which a finance grad student can choose. Here, the applicant has two options: either he is an external auditor, who usually works in a large company on a project basis; or he can be an internal auditor who works on house. Auditors analyze and audit financial incomes and expenses of a client. The finance grad students can also choose a job as an underwriter. The underwriter usually has interest in insurance and determines how much should the life, car and mortgage insurance premiums have to be. Here the applicant has two options: he can specialize in just one type of insurance or he can be a general underwriter.

Finance directors are definitely great choices for an entry level job in the field of finance. Usually, the finance directors control the financial movements in and out of a company. Every company needs to have someone who deals with this kind of thing, and also every city has a Finance Director who manages the expanded and received amounts of money.

Accountants have the possibility to work in the public or in the private sector. Accountants specialize in a specific type of accounting or a certain type of industry like the government or retail establishments. Business analysts have a managerial role in the accountant type of function. Business analysts serve many clients, companies or industries. Their main responsibility is to analyze what amount of money is spent, invested or gained and to bring new ideas for a financial efficiency and responsibility.

Entry level jobs in finance are well-paid, employees earn in their first year up to $52.000; these jobs also offer great advancement and many other benefits. Many people think that having a job in the field of finance during the recession is a bad idea, but they are totally wrong. In bad economical situations, people need more help and advice than ever.

So finance people! A great time and future is waiting at your doorstep. So go ahead and grad the opportunity.

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