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Cost Estimator Resume

Cost estimators are persons that have the responsibility of predicting the costs of a future construction. It is a very important job in a world in continuing development. Constructions are made all the time and costs are very important. Only by knowing a specific cost, one can estimate the profit and its existence at the end of the project.

A cost estimator forecasts the costs, analyzes the market conditions, and analyzes the evolution of the calculated costs. He/she estimates the size and duration of a future project, observes the price fluctuations and political organization. Collects and analyzes all data aspects of the project related to costs, use different cost estimation procedures, makes reports and considers materials, labor, size, location, duration of project and any special machinery that are needed, cooperates with other sections of the organization, particularly economic and marketing departments.


This job includes great responsibility because depending on the estimations made by a cost estimator, decisions are made. In this case, the cost estimator has to be precise in his work and he has to assume responsibility for his acts.

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Sample Cost Estimator Resume

Personal Details

Name: Ryan Filters
Birth date: 24.10.1981
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Cost estimators have an important job. They are needed when someone wants to build something and he dispose of a set amount. It is important for the contractor to know in advance if he will manage to finish the construction with that amount because if not, then that means that he will not make a profit. We can say that the contractor's success also depends on the estimator's well-done job.


To occupy a position as a cost estimator and to assume the responsibility for doing an excellent job in order to achieve the goals of the company.


  • Experience in the latest technology
  • Organized
  • Great attention to detail
  • Hard working
  • Ability of working individually
  • High aptitude for mathematics
Work Experience

Cost estimator, New Town Enterprise, Lake City, 2003-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Handling complex financial analysis
  • Calculated price structure and analyzed cost proposals
  • Forecasting construction costs
  • Estimating size and duration of the project
  • Collecting and analyzes all data

B.A. in Business and Accounting, Lake City University, Lake City, 2003


Supervised more than 20 staff with their duties
Adapted to all new methodologies

Areas of interest



Erich Newman
New Town Enterprise, Lake City

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