sample resume

General Tips

A well-written resume will lead to a call for the interview with the recruiter from any of the reputed organization. While creating a resume, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration in order to make the resume interesting and appealing, such as


  • Be precise in drafting your resume and do not stress on the unnecessary points
  • Make sure that the information is relevant; otherwise it can lead to trouble in the near future
  • Mention the career objective in your resume, as it should describe the type of the job that you are searching
  • Emphasize on your experience including the present and past experience along with the job description. Also, highlight the academic details, skill set and core competencies, achievements, area of interest, internship details, contact details and personal details
  • Mention the latest experience first followed by the past experience in hierarchal order
  • Use bullet points for describing the heading and sub-heading in your resume such as educational qualification, professional details and so on
  • Follow the same format/structure throughout the resume i.e. similar font name, font size, and justified
  • Use simple and correct language and check that the resume is error free
  • Recheck the resume twice before sending it to the recruiter so that the error can be removed
  • Check for the grammatical mistake, spelling correction, and sentence construction before mailing your resume to the employer
  • Another important aspect is that you should draft a cover letter and enclose the certifications to it, as the cover letter acts as a short summary of your resume
  • Search for a professional resume template from the website and prepare your resume, but do not just use the same format; rather modify it as per the requirements and position
  • If you are fresher then emphasize on your academic qualification, but if you are expertise in specific domain and have certain experience, then emphasize on the professional qualifications along with the job description in a positive manner

Guidelines for cracking an interview

  • You should identify your interest first, before applying for any job
  • It is important that you grab the opportunity for a better success
  • Have a professional attitude and be on time with two copies of the resume along with the required documents/certificates
  • Do not ask for the salary beforehand, as it leaves a negative impact on the eyes of the recruiter
  • Never show your eagerness for getting the job; rather be cool and answer the question confidently
  • Have a positive attitude and do not indulge in negative conversation, even if you are forced to do so
  • Explain your roles in the past organization in a positive manner
  • While going for the interview, wear formal outfit, i.e. do not wear bright color outfits
  • Make the recruiter realize the positive points and qualities with yourself such as multitasking skills, communication skills, management skills, etc, so that it becomes easy for the recruiter to evaluate you
  • Be positive and cool in answering the questions of the recruiter because sometimes they test the patience of the candidate
  • Make sure that you answer to the point and do not just go out of the track, as it create a negativity in the mind of the recruiter

If you want to stay away from the crowd, then you need to have specialization in the domain or extra certification related to the position. In order to crack any interview, you need to be confident and you should be able to explain your skills and justify it too. The best way to justify your statement is to give proper examples of that situation.

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