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Clinical Psychologist Resume

Everyone goes through episodes in one's life when a conversation with family and friends will not be enough consolation. In those situations, visiting a clinical psychologist who will listen to your problems might help you regain your balance. Clinical psychologists are trained professionals for these situations. Their job refers to looking into matters objectively and treating the patient accordingly.


A clinical psychologist will study the way the human mind works. He or she is using the knowledge they gathered about the human mind, in order to help patients overcome the physical, mental or emotional issues that usually get in the way of their ability to cope with society.

Clinical psychologists are responsible for evaluating, counseling and helping patients identify methods that can be used for adapting to major changes in their lives. They may ultimately even refer a patient to other specialists. If they encounter patients with complex problems, clinical psychologists can collaborate with multi-disciplinary professionals.

Clinical psychologists are required to have a degree, such as a doctorate from a psychology program that is accredited, and need to have a psychologist license, in order to be able to practice.

This is an example of a clinical psychologist resume:

Clinical Psychologist Resume Sample

Emanuel Specter
46 Monroe Street
Ph: 456-012-345-000

Personal Details

Name: Emanuel Specter
Birth Date: 9 August 1975
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the position of a clinical psychologist where I can use my experience and knowledge to help people overcome their psychological problems and regain their positivity.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology from George Washington University in 1997
  • Master's degree in clinical psychology from George Washington University in 2000
  • Ph.D. in clinical psychology from George Washington University in 2003
  • Skills and knowledge related with multiculturalism, community psychology and social justice
  • Strong knowledge about leadership development, psychological models and supervision
  • Proven skills to conduct psycho-diagnostic assessment, intake clinical interviews and treatment plan recommendations and formulation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional ability to conduct brief group and individual psychotherapy and counseling
  • Ability to work energetically and effectively with changing priorities in a fast paced environment
  • Remarkable ability to define, identify, innovate, evaluate and implement programs and to develop and plan solutions and strategies in a complex organization.
Professional Experience

2006-Present date: Clinical psychologist for Simmering Clinic, Washington, DC

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Conducting interviews with patients and their relatives in order to obtain information about the social background, developmental history, attitudes and other relevant factors
  • Scoring, administering and interpreting a wide variety of personality, intelligence, aptitude, vocational interest and other psychological tests
  • Providing necessary referrals and on-going psychotherapy for clients
  • Assisting clients with gaining and exploring insights into their problems
  • Assisting clients with pursuing more productive ways of coping with issues
  • Preparing reports including prognoses, diagnoses and other findings of psychological nature, relevant to the treatment and disposition of cases.
2003-2006: Counseling psychologist for the Janice Rehabilitation Institute, Washington, DC

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Counseling the family of a patient, in order to obtain personal and social information about the occurrence of the substance abuse
  • Overseeing the way the assistants used evaluation and testing instruments related to substance abuse and interpreting results
  • Evaluating and analyzing information regarding the substance dependency of a patient and making a diagnosis
  • Good working capacity
  • Helping the majority of the patients cope with their problems
Areas of interest
  • Psychology
  • Literature

Available upon request.

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