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Dance Therapist Resume

Therapists have become an integral part of our society these days. They are usually found in the medical field because they assist and treat patients suffering from disabilities, orthopedic problems and much more. But how about becoming a dance therapist? It is true that dance therapy is a new field and is in the process of evolution. This therapy is very useful for those who have problems in expressing themselves or the ones who have emotional problems. It is well known that dance can free a person from their problems. Dance therapist should understand the psychological requirements of patients and should also be a professional dancer. They should have concern for the patients well being and take all possible measures for their improvement. A dance therapist resume should be drafted keeping this factor in mind. The resume should be backed with a good track record laying emphasis on the results.


Apart from this, a dance therapist must be up to date with all the new trends and try to come with new ideas for their clients. They work with patients in different age groups with different disorders. It is important that the dance therapist adapt to the needs of the patients and work accordingly. They can hold sessions either in group or individually to instruct patients in the right manner. The session completely depends on the client’s physical and mental state. You must know that a session usually has four parts and these are: the preparation; also known as the warm up stage, incubation; the stage when patients start expressing themselves through dance, illumination; when the patients connect their feelings and experiences with dancing and evaluation; when the patients are supposed to talk about their experience. If you want to apply for this kind of job you should know how to draft your resume in an accurate and correct manner. One should also remember that your resume reflects your persona and thus should be presented in the most effective manner. Here is an example for you.

Sample Dance Therapist Resume

Personal Details
Name: Madison Williams
Address: 2nd Light Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: single
Birth date: 04.03.1980


I am seeking the unique job of a dance therapist, in a well organized and growing set up. Although this field is yet to be exposed, I can assure that I can handle the patients and work with them in the best way possible.


I am a good communicator, patient and friendly with the others. I am always willing to help people and I am looking forward to provide my best knowledge and skills in this field. With four years of experience in this profile I am ready to accept all the challenges of this job.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patient and friendly
  • Ability to organize and work with large groups of people
  • Good at communicate with different types of people
  • Ability to find solutions to problems
  • Trustworthy and hardworking person

Technical skills

Fluent in English, French, German
Computer literate

Work Experience

Dance Therapist, St. Andrew Hospital, 2007 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with a wide variety of people including, drug addicts, alcohol addicts and even patients with physical disability
  • Work with all age group including children and adults
  • Attend seminar and workshops to upgrade my knowledge and utilize the same in the interest of the patients

Assistant Nurse, St. Andrew Hospital, 2004-2007

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Treating older patients and their conditions
  • Assisting and counseling the patients
  • Providing first aid to those in need
  • Looking after other administrative duties


Master's Degree in Dance Therapy, 2003
Nursing Course, 2004
Psychology Degree, 2005


Obtained great results in working with children
Handled various administrative tasks efficiently
Achieved enriching experience in counseling parents

Areas of Interest



Orlando Bloomwood
St. Andrew Hospital, California

While drafting a dance therapist resume one should note that they clearly mention their interest for this job profile. Candidates should basically possess a love for the job in this profile. This goes a long way in treating patients and ascertains good recovery from any kind of obstacles the patients are facing.

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