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Dental Hygienist Resume

The Dental Hygienist is the professional who assists a dentist in providing patients with treatment for teeth, gums or mouth. The Dental Hygienist has to examine the patient's gums and teeth, has to remove tartar and stains from teeth and to perform various dental procedures. A Dental Hygienist is also responsible for training patients on how to avoid multiple dental problems.


The specific work elements of a Dental Hygienist refer to cleaning calcareous stains from teeth, verifying gums, teeth and mouth for sign of various diseases (like oral cancer) or applying various treatments to prevent dental decay. Other working elements are taking x-ray films, offering patients health education and clinical services or administering local anesthetics.

Dental Hygienist Resume Writing Tips

Your Dental Hygienist resume must focus on the most important information regarding your experience, skills and education in the dental field. This information has to offer the employers an overview image of your skills and abilities which you can use as a Dental Hygienist. The first thing you have to add is your contact information: full name, permanent addresses, telephone number and e-mail address. The objective statement in your resume has to inform the employer of your career goals or to express your interest in a specific job or position as a Dental Hygienist. Don't forget to add your education, skills, experience and other activities or achievements (clubs or professional affiliations). In your skills and qualifications section, you should not only add general skills, but also dental skills which make you a competitive candidate for the position. Make sure that you add your education and experience in chronological order. In the work experience section, you have to add your main duties and responsibilities for every job you have held.

When writing a resume for a Dental Hygienists position you have to focus on your professionalism, dedication and on your excellent interpersonal skills. Emphasize your abilities to develop and maintain good rapport with patients.

Dental Hygienist Resume Sample

John Anderson
16 Hampton Street
Ph: 345-001-453-991
Personal Information
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 30.01.1980


From my experience I can state that the Dental Hygienist is the professional who assists a dentist in providing patients the treatment for teeth, gums or mouth.


Seeking a position in the Dental industry, where my professional experience will offer me the opportunity for advancement based on measurable achievements.


Professional, motivated and hard-working Dental Hygienist with vast experience in the Dental field and with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to create and to maintain strong relations with patients
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to provide accurate instructions in dental hygiene for patients
  • Ability to keep dental records of various patients.

Work Experience

Dental Hygienist, Pacific Dental Services, Pacific, CO, 2006-present
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with a dentist during various dental procedures
  • Recorded the patient's health and benefit administration
  • Performed x-rays, teeth cleanings or other general dental procedures.

Dental Hygienist, Atlanta Dental Group PC, Atlanta, GA, 2002-2006
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Removing stains, calculus and plaque
  • Providing patients fluoride treatments, oral pathology screening and other types of surveys
  • Providing advice to patients regarding oral health, good nutrition and other information regarding oral hygiene
  • Preparing patients for various dental treatments.

A.S in Dental Hygiene, Medical School of Georgia: School of Dentistry

Achievements and Affiliations
Member of the American Dental Association

Areas of Interest
Dental Hygiene

References available upon request

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