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Emergency Medical Services Resume

The people working in emergency medical services have a lot of responsibilities on their hands. There are many times when they are needed, in cases of accidents, child birth, and many other medical emergency situations.

The emergency medical services worker is the first person who will check the patients on their arrival. They are in charge of giving the patients the first aid that they need when arriving. The emergency medical services worker needs to check the patient's vital signs and what past diseases he or she had. Then, after first aid is given, the emergency medical services worker decides which hospital is better for the patient to be taken to, and ensures they get there safely.


A person that wants to work as an emergency medical services worker must take training classes. There are 3 levels of training, with the last one being the most advanced.

The following is a resume example for an emergency medical services worker. Keep in mind that this is for information purposes only, and you should change whatever you like to make it fit your experience.

Emergency Medical Services Resume Sample

Jane Jetson
Sunny Street, Sunville, Minnesota
555 0987 222

Contact data

Name: Jane Jetson
Home address: Sunny Street, Sunville, Minnesota
Email address:
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: 555 0987 222
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


I want to find a job as an emergency medical services worker in your hospital. I am looking for a long term position that will allow me to help people as much as I can. My strong knowledge in the field and my prior experience will benefit your hospital, as I can perform my duties in a fast and efficient way.


  • very strong medical knowledge ;
  • knowledge of medicines, how they react ;
  • anatomy and biology notions ;
  • abilities to work fast, efficiently, under stress related conditions ;
  • driving license ;
  • good multitasking abilities ;
  • good management abilities ;
  • abilities to act fast and make decisions in the patient's best interest ;
  • mature, extremely responsible person ;
  • abilities to work in a team of more medics ;
  • good communication abilities, able to talk clear and explain properly Work Experience

    Paramedic, any hospital, any city, any state, 20xx-20zz

    Duties and responsibilities:

    • checked people's vital signs and gave them first aid ;
    • used resuscitation methods to revive the patient, if needed ;
    • ensured the patients receive treatment according to their needs ;
    • checked the patients' medical record and background ;
    • made sure the patients are not allergic to any of the medicines required ;
    • made sure the ambulance is always fully equipped with the needed tools ;
    • decided what hospital the patient should be taken to ;
    • provided the doctors at the hospital with information regarding the first aid given and what was used ;
    • kept record of each patients and the administered treatment and care
    • High school diploma, any school, any city, any state, 20XX-20XX
    • Nursing license, Delaware Nursing School, 20xx
    • EMT training (paramedic degree certificate), Delaware EMT Certification Agency, 20xx

    They are available upon request.

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