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Gerontologist Resume

A gerontologist is that medical professional who dedicates his time in studying and treating patients with conditions related to the aging process. The gerontologists work with elderly patients and their purpose is to make them understand the biological aspects of aging. Some professionals are specialized in conducting laboratory research about aging with the aim of improving health care services for the elderly.


Gerontologists work in different locations, such as: hospitals, nursing homes, private organizations and centers for senior citizens. Gerontologists who are specialized in research can work in laboratory or at state universities. Gerontologists may teach at colleges, hospitals and universities too. Their work is complex and they can get help and provide information by working in a large team formed by occupational and physical therapists, dietitians, therapy assistants, medical doctors or nurses.

Gerontologists, through their work, succeed to make life for elderly people easier and more comfortable. With the help of science and with the technical development, the researchers have discovered new information and with every day that passes by, new discoveries are made in this field.

In this field, with every new discovery more and more people have something to gain from the results and they can be helped to understand what happens with their life and how to handle their age related problems in a better way.

When making a resume to apply for a job as a gerontologist, include your training and previous experience if you have such, even in other similar fields. Your abilities of interpreting and analyzing data will count a lot in this field. You have to be aware that the resume represents you like a visiting card and has to tell everything about you and your capacities.

Gerontologist Resume Sample
Glasgow Gerontology Group

Personal Details

Name: Amy Johnson
Birth date: 10.09.1986
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Gerontology is a great career for those people who enjoy developing relationships with older people, working in a team and providing information about the aging process. Creating a good relationship based on trust and professionalism, the gerontologist will make life easier for the elderly.


To obtain the position of a gerontologist in your company and to integrate in your team with the purpose of brining positive change in the life of old people; to contribute to new findings in this field that can be important in improving the life quality of old people.


Well trained, licensed, with good excellent communication skills. I am perfect to work as a gerontologist and to accomplish all my duties with great success.


  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Committed to elderly population
  • Ability of analyze and interpret data
  • Strong motivated
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Great ability to work in a team
Work Experience

Gerontologist, Glasgow Gerontology Group, 2006 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working with senior adults to identify illness
  • Diagnosing illness and prescribing treatment
  • Conducting meetings
  • Making reports

M.D. Gerontology, Big City Medical School, 2006


  • Kept records of studies
  • Researched on aging process
Areas of interest
  • Medicine
  • Gerontology

Joanna Richardson,

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