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Health Educator Resume

A resume can be written very effectively and greatly if a few simple rules are followed. Though there are no hard and fast rules regarding resume writing, some basic rules regarding the language and the template of the resume can be followed in order to make the resume look properly assembled and synchronized. A health educator resume should also be written in such an assembled and synchronized manner so that it looks great and professional.

Some of us ask for their help, while others with smaller problems decide to solve them on their own. The health educator is a professional who will help you settle things and prioritize your needs. He will show you the way to lead a healthy lifestyle.


It is not an easy job to change people's lifestyle even if you are trying to make it healthier. For this purpose, a health educator accomplishes some duties. First, s/he has to gather data and analyze it very well so as to be able to identify the individual or the community problems and needs. Then, depending on the gravity and importance of the needs, the health educator will try to prioritize and address them in a certain way. He will make a plan and implement it while working with his patients. During the program developed, he will have to guide the patients and monitor them in each moment so that after each session he will be able to make an evaluation. Based on this objective evaluation, the educator will conclude if the policies and lifestyle are improving and if the fixed goals where achieved.

Employer will hunt for well-trained health educators, with great experience in working with people and knowledge about healthy lifestyle and who have a strong will of teaching others how to live a healthy life.

Make sure that your resume will reflect your desire of helping people, your great training and ambition. You need to be specialized in health foods and supplements, in healthy dieting and exercise; you need to know the anatomy and how the body functions and reacts to different outside factors. Having all this will help you in your way of obtaining a job as a health educator.

It is very important to balance your resume by adding the correct and only the correct information. Relevant information is a very important aspect of any resume. Take help of the sample resume given below and replace the fictional information with the factual information to create a winning resume.

Sample Health Educator Resume

Personal Details

Name: Danielle Astringe
Address: 2nd Street, Wayward Hill, New York
Phone: 423-274-2198
Date: December 30, 2011

Career Objective

To develop a successful career as a health educator and to implement the concept of healthy lifestyle into people's consciousness; to help them adopt the right position and a healthy behavior.


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Strong interest in preventive health
  • Organized, trustful, self-conscious
  • Responsible
  • Ability to work independently
Work Experience

Health Educator, Community Health Center, Minneapolis, 2005–present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Providing group sessions and information to individuals in the community about how to achieve, maintain and improve healthy lifestyles
  • Conducting special seminars
  • Providing materials about health


B.A. in Health Education, 2005, Minneapolis University, Minneapolis


  • Obtained good results in working with groups
  • Improved interpersonal skills

Areas of interest

  • Health
  • Biology
  • Social science
  • Driving
  • Shopping


Adam Stinks
Community Health Center, Minneapolis

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: March 18, 1985
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Driving license: B category, 2004

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