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Home Care Aide Resume

Home care aides work with a varied group of disabled, elderly, mentally disabled or ill clients. Their primary task is to offer extensive care and mainly home care for their customers. Responsibilities can include cleaning the house, making and changing beds, preparing meals and doing dirty laundry. Several clients can require support getting dressed, getting out of bed or bathing. Moreover, they can escort clients in going to their doctor's appointments or in running errands, if needed.

Home care aides normally perform their duties alone with the occasional stopover of a supervisor. They are given thorough directions for each individual client so they understand the services they will perform. Aides ought to have their personal transportation means and might travel from the first client to next in just a couple of hours.


Home care aides have to be patient, cheerful, compassionate and really take pleasure in working with and assisting others. In addition, they ought to be honest, tactful and be in excellent physical condition. A lot of them work part-time and have more than one client. Consequently, it is essential for home care aides to be adaptable. Even though the pay is moderately low, on the whole, the job can be incredibly gratifying.

Training and education needs depend on the state they work in. A number of states entail recognized training which can be found in community colleges, vocational schools, home health care agencies and elder care programs. Other states' only condition for home care aides is a on the job training which is supplied by the employer. The majority of on-the-job training is short-range and can include housekeeping, cooking, means for dealing with emergencies, and how to conduct themselves professionally when in the client's house.

Home care aides ought to be compassionate, emotionally stable, patient and responsible in addition to being in sound physical health. Other compulsory details may consist of state-required disease examination, physical testing, a clean criminal record, a first-rate driving record and credit check. Moreover, it is mandatory for home care aides to take care of their own transport to their client's house. Those concerned with getting a certification can do so by addressing to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice or NAHC. Becoming certified means that the home care aides have to finish a 75-hour course, develop specific abilities, and pass a written test.

Home care aides in general do not get any benefits and perform their duties on call with an hourly wedge. The payment is derived from the time spent taking care of the client and doesn't take in the travel time between clients' homes. The income is by far low, even though, conditional on the employing company, home care aides might get paid with almost $11 per hour. Most aides have salaries between $7 and $10 an hour. The average hourly wedge for home care aides in April 2010 were approximately $8.55. Find out how a nurse aides resume looks like.

Home Care Aide Resume Sample

Marry Ann Johnson
662, Blue Avenue
Randomville, US, 88221

Contact Information

Marry Ann Johnson
662, Blue Avenue
Randomville, US, 88221
Mobile: 443-221-6643
Home: 645-737-8822


  • Talented and compassionate worker seeking an interview for a position as a home care aide
Summary of Skills
  • Qualified home care aide.
  • Prepared for urgent hire aiding elderly patients and shut-ins with everyday chores, including feeding, dressing, bathing and occasional light cleaning.
Professional Experience
  • Blue Home Care Co., Someville
Duration: 2005-2009
Designation: Home care aide


  • Assisted the patients with dressing, eating and bathing
  • In charge of household chores
  • Helped the patients in any issue
  • Went for walks with the patients
Training and Recognition
  • On the job training at Red Care Unit, 2003
  • Best Care Award, 2005

The University of Washington, School of Nursing, 2004

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