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Medical Equipment Repairer Resume

Doctors are very important to us all. Even if we have a perfect, flawless state of health, we sometimes pass through tough times, when we have to appeal to their services. It is either that we fall on the street and break a leg or that we suffer from a severe flu and need medical assistance, we all have at least one moment in our lives when we address doctors for help.

A doctor needs the necessary equipment, which would help him/ her accomplish his duties in a proper way. What would a surgeon do without a surgical room and without the necessary instruments or maybe we should ask ourselves what would the emergency staff do without the vital CPR devices, upon which many human lives have depended over time.


These are, of course, rhetorical questions, because we are all aware of the importance of the medical equipment within the health care system. But, as any forms of equipment, it too can have flaws, due to which it does not function right. And when it comes to human lives, there is no joking about it. Things must be remedied at once.

The medical equipment repairer is the one in charge of accomplishing that. It is his job to detect any potential threat to the functioning of such devices and make sure that the correct solutions are applied. For that, he needs not only solid knowledge of mechanics, but also some information regarding the medical relevance of the devices. Here is how the resume of such a person should be structured.

Medical Equipment Repairer Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: John Dobson
Birth date: 1.02.1979

Address and phone: 53 Oak Street, London, 555-3118

Marital status: Married

Children: Four children

Driver's license: Yes


Being a medical equipment repairer demands a great deal of responsibility and dedication: in this case, it is really not about fixing broken devices, it is about contributing to the life saving processes that the medical staff is developing.


To become a medical equipment repairer within your clinic, and thus to show that my skills, combined with my knowledge and my social abilities, can prove to be the exact things that you are looking for.


Hard-working and responsible, with good technical knowledge, I am sure that I can take care of the medical devices in such a way that the medical activity within the clinic could go on undisturbed every time a hazard occurs.

Qualities and skills:

  • Attentive to details
  • Patient
  • Very good technical skills
  • Very good health knowledge
  • Excellent communication skills
Work experience:

Medical equipment technician, The London General Hospital, London

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Track down flaws within the medical devices
  • Do all the necessary repairs
  • Permanently keep track of the new discoveries in the field
Education: The Sanitary High School, London, 1995-1999


Great results in working with medical devices
Great results in communicating and collaborating with the medical staff

Areas of interest:

The latest medical technology


Dr. Jan Brown,
The London General Hospital,
General Manager.

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