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Nursing Aide Resume

Nursing aides help out nurses caring for patients by performing routine duties. They help maintain patients contented and comfortable to their fundamental needs. Aides usually spend the majority of their time working with the patients, bringing food trays to their rooms, responding to call lights when the patients need help, and aiding them to move if required. A nursing aide makes beds, gives massages and baths, and fills ice bags and water pitchers. In addition, the aide is able to carry out routine examinations, for instance taking the temperature, blood pressure or pulse of a patient. Occasionally, aides set up equipment, distribute linens, bring messages, put together meal trays for patients on diet and perform light cleaning.


A lot of nursing aides work in hospitals. A lot of them work in long-term care units such as nursing homes for elderly people. A few work in psychiatric facilities and are known as psychiatric nursing aides. Several nursing aides work in hospices. They make services available to incurably sick patient that array from company to individual care. The majority of hospice programs supply patients with care in either a residential facility or in their homes; therefore the hospice nursing aide might work in both types of environment.

Usually, there are no particular educational needs for these positions, but lots of them call for at least a high school diploma. Aides are typically trained on the job programs under the overseeing of an RN or a LPN, both being full time nurses. Training normally lasts from 2 weeks to four months. Some high schools, community colleges, vocational schools and other nursing care units offer education. Volunteer positions in hospitals and nursing homes provide good knowledge and experience. In addition, depending on the state they work in, nursing aids may be required to have some specific certifications and training.

The number of jobs is expected to increase faster than national average throughout the year 2014 as the mature population enlarges and the need of medical care services keeps on growing. Income varies with environment and experience of employment. In 2009, the median hourly wage for nursing aides was $10.09. Benefits habitually comprise medical insurance and paid vacations and holidays.

Jade Nicholas
44 Grey Street
Bigville, US, 74722
Home: (111) 668-0022
Mobile: (222) 323-4343


A very gifted Nursing Aide with vast experience in carrying out work of reasonable difficulty in a range of manual tasks concerning the care of patients on a given schedule

List of Qualifications

  • Over six years of experience as Nursing Aide
  • Thorough understanding of nursing assistant activities
  • Sound comprehension of safety policies and accident avoidance
  • Deep capabilities of clothing, feeding, bathing, and caring for patients
  • Exceptional capacity of working on holidays, weekends, and overtime if compulsory
  • Outstanding skills in maintaining and keeping records

Professional Experience

Caring Facility, Aville, US 2004 - Present
Nursing Aide

  • Bathe, feed and change residents; carrying for all grooming and personal needs like combing hair, brushing teeth, trimming nails, passing bed-pans and assisting residents to the bathroom (moving from and to commodes)
  • Utilize mechanical lifts all through transfers
  • Hand out meals to residents and nourish those incapable of feeding themselves, organize trays for the self-feeders
  • Monitor temperature, respiration, blood pressure and pulse
  • Remove spills from the floor to avoid accidents
  • Record any curious changes in every patient's condition and inform the nurse
  • Orally communicate nursing care issues and distress to the following shift
  • Keep utility region and linen clean and in place; pour out and sanitize bedpans and urinals
  • Communicate all abnormal circumstances that can entail the safety and comfort of co-workers and residents straight to the nurse on the facility
  • Take part in Special Staffing, Regularly Planned Staffings and Initial Staffings

Education and Training

Certified Nurse Assistant
Associate's Degree in Nursing
ABC University, Someville, US, 2003

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