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Nursing Instructor Resume

Nursing Instructors are Registered Nurses who have worked within hospitals or clinics and afterwards decided to teach others do the same. Working as a Nursing Instructor involves a lot of responsibility, time and effort, but, at the same time, it is also a very exciting and rewarding activity. It is very fulfilling to pass your knowledge onto others and let them benefit from your experience.


Apart from extensive medical knowledge, Nursing Instructors must have teaching abilities as well. They must be able to motivate and stimulate students, assign engaging tasks to them and make them love their job.

When preparing a Nursing Instructor Resume, it is recommended to concentrate on the section referring to previous working experience. In general, employers prefer those who have also worked in hospitals for a few years, therefore, if you have experience working with patients, do not hesitate to mention it in your resume. The next section should focus on your personal and professional skills and competences you've acquired during your working experience.

Nursing Instructor Resume Sample

Contact information
Name: Miranda Bradshaw
Address: Crestwood Street, Washington
Birth date: 14.02.1970
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 2000


A Nursing Instructor is a Registered Nurse in charge of teaching others the basics of nursing and preparing them for the nursing field.


Looking for a position as a Nursing Instructor where I can use my skills and medical experience in order to pass my knowledge onto others.


Responsible, attentive and experienced Nursing Instructor, with interpersonal skills and previous experience in the medical field. I am eager to face any challenge, learn new things and help others become excellent nurses, while developing my own career.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal competences and professional behavior
  • Excellent organizational competences
  • Strategic planner abilities
  • Patient oriented and attention to detail
  • Extended medical knowledge
  • Ability to work under stress and overtime
  • Availability to work in shifts
  • Ethical and responsible
  • Able to provide leadership
  • Ability to supervise nursing staff
  • Self motivated and dynamic
  • Competent and flexible
  • Positive attitude

Work experience

Nursing Instructor, Ellen Grey Nursing School, 2004-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing class curriculum and materials;
  • Teaching students the fundaments of nursing;
  • Assisting them through nursing training within the hospital;
  • Conducting research activities in order to find new methods for improving nursing training;
  • Establishing and maintaining long term and positive relationships with nursing staff, clinic personnel and students;
  • Teaching young people, individuals and groups about disease prevention, childbirth and other health related topics;
  • Ensuring compliance with nursing policies, standards and regulations;
  • Analyzing students performance and grade them;
  • Counseling students concerning further studies and professional choices.

Nursing Instructor, Ellen Grey Nursing School, 2004-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervised and coordinated all nursing personnel in performing daily duties
  • Monitored and evaluate nursing staff performances
  • Established, developed and implemented daily nursing staff schedule
  • Identified nursing personnel needs
  • Developed and implemented training programs for all new nursing employees
  • Established daily duties and responsibilities for nursing staff
  • Interacted with families and informed about the patients' condition and recovery process
  • Followed hospital policies and rules and made ethical decisions based upon consent and confidentiality

Education and training

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Registered Nurse Certificate
Teaching Courses

Achievements and affiliations

Provided high quality training courses
Member of the Nursing Education Association

Areas of interest

Clinical Nursing


References available upon request

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