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Orientation Therapist Resume

The orientation therapists job implies interviewing and selecting clients that will then be instructed in physical environment awareness, in using their senses, in traveling from one place to another with or without cane, in handling daily life operations and activities, such as shopping, home management, personal care, leisure group activities and recreational skills. Another important task is that of helping blind people read and write using the Braille alphabet and to use different special machines and devices designed to help blind individuals. Organizing social activities, assessing the mobility needs and skills of blind people and preparing progress reports are also a part of their job.


The resume of an orientation therapist needs to emphasize the special medical and education training for people with this particular disability. They have to be knowledgeable about various techniques used in training blind and visually impaired people with handling daily activities and mastering the criteria through which mobility and orientation needs and skills can be assessed.

Orientation Therapist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jim Halpert
Birth date: 27.12.1977
Address and Contact Details: 124 Corner Street, Houston, TX
Phone: 230.342.4793
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I am an orientation and mobility therapist with a certificate from the American Association of Workers for the Blind and I have experience in working with blind people. I have worked in the past on a one-to-one basis, helping individuals with vision disabilities move about efficiently and safely, both in familiar and unfamiliar environments and I have collaborated with other medical and therapy specialist in rehabilitation programs.


I am strongly motivated in continuing to perform this type of job and offer the best services for people with visual disabilities. I am proficient in using orientation therapy techniques and in collaborating with the physicians and social workers for the best integration results.


Achieved and determined orientation therapist, looking for a position in a rehabilitation center.


  • Orientation and mobility instruction program
  • Participation to numerous workshops, conferences and seminars on orientation techniques
  • Work experience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communicational abilities
  • Mature judgments, resourcefulness, adaptability and emotional maturity
  • Empathic, motivated, patient
Computer knowledge: intermediate computer knowledge

Work Experience:

Orientation and Mobility Therapist, 2003-present

  • working with blind and visually impaired people,
  • providing them with the necessary methods and knowledge in handling daily familiar and unfamiliar situations,
  • assessing their progress, mobility and orientation skills and needs,
  • collaborating with rehabilitation professionals and with volunteers and family members in order to ensure comprehensive programs and services,
  • helping clients integrate socially and encouraging activities beneficial for their health.
Education and Training:

Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Sciences, North Shepherd University


As an orientation therapist I have achieved the professional satisfaction of offering an essential help to people with disabilities

Areas of interest: arts, crafting, music

References: available upon request

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