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Personal Fitness Trainer Resume

The job is very rewarding and fulfilling for those who are interested in sports and like working with people as well. The position gives them the opportunity to establish interpersonal relationships, motivate, train and advise their clients. Start your Personal Fitness Trainer Resume by mentioning contact details such as full name, address, phone number and e-mail address.


Personal information such as your marital status, age or religion is optional. The next section of your resume should refer to your professional objective and relevant skills and competences. Pay major attention to mentioning your previous experience in training people and your former job duties. References can also make a difference; therefore do not forget to mention them.

Personal Fitness Trainer Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Shane McDonald
Address: Redland Boulevard, Florida
Date of birth: 16.05.1980
Driver's License: B category, 2000


From my point of view, a Personal Fitness Trainer is responsible for providing help and support to those who want to improve their health, fitness and body mass.


I am looking for a position as a Personal Fitness Trainer which will allow me to use my experience and personal competences in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of my clients.


Driven, enthusiastic and disciplined Fitness trainer, with excellent interpersonal competences and relevant working experience, I am looking forward to facing new challenges and help my clients benefit from my knowledge.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Highly organized and good planner;
  • Focused and attentive to details;
  • Efficient in time management;
  • Good physical shape;
  • Self motivated;
  • Team worker;
  • Multi tasking;
  • Stress management;
  • Able to work under pressure;
  • Knowledge of food safety habits and techniques;
  • Able to coordinate and motivate clients;
  • Likes working with people;
  • People oriented;
  • Active listener;
  • Critical and rational thinking;
  • Problem solver and oral comprehension
Work experience

Personal Athletic Trainer, 2004-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Create, develop and implement training programs and routines to improve athletic performance;
  • Train students and future athletes in physical fitness conditions;
  • Evaluate and asses team and individual performance of athletes;
  • Develop and implement innovative training techniques, methods and procedures;
  • Organize and coordinate summer camps for athletes;
  • Provide first aid toinjured athletes using physical therapy equipment, techniques and medication;
  • Counsel athletes and provide them with information and advice about diets and alimentation;
  • Advise athletes on how touse equipment.
Weight Loss Consultant, Crunch Fitness, 2000-2004

Duties and responsibilities

  • Act as nutritional consultants and establish meal plans in order todetermine weight loss and sodium reduction;
  • Teach clients about good and bad eating habits and the importance of fruits and vegetables in daily diets;
  • Identify or create new weight loss strategies and management;
  • Support and train individuals and groups on how tolose weight;
  • Evaluate and asses team and individual performances in weight loss;
  • Create, develop and implement training programs and routines toimprove weight loss and promote healthy eating habits;
  • Educate clients on the importance of physical exercise for weight loss and maintaining a healthy life.

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Sports
Food and Nutrition Training Sessions

Achievements and affiliations

  • Established and maintain good relationships with clients
  • Developed an excellent training program for overweight people
  • Member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)
Areas of interest
  • Fitness Programs
  • Dietetics
  • Food Service Management

Damian George, member of the National Athletic Trainers Association

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