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Physician Assistant Resume

Physician Assistants have to diagnose and determine the best possible cure of various conditions. Physician Assistants help physicians in offering health services to patients. Physician Assistants are responsible for the first steps in the treatment of a patient.


They have to administer patients' medical procedures like x-rays, blood tests or other laboratory tests. After doing this, they have to keep track of the results and discuss them with the attending physician to find the best treatment. These medical professionals can write prescriptions for patients on behalf of the attending physician. Surgical Physician Assistants are another type of Physician Assistants who assist medical staff during surgeries. They have to keep patient's records and prepare the materials and equipment needed. Surgical Physician Assistants need to make sure that all the equipment and the materials are sterilized properly.

A Physician Assistant Resume needs to start with the contact information, with an introduction and a short qualification summary. Then, you have to add the objective statement. The objective statement needs to show what type of position you are looking for and your desire to apply for the Physician Assistant job offered by the company. The next section of your Resume has to be a bullet pointed list of your skills and capabilities. Here, you can add your excellent organizational skills and your ability to keep clean patient records.

The following section of your Physician assistant resume has to focus on your work experience. Talk about your duties and responsibilities in your previous positions. Then, add a section with your qualifications. Physician Assistants are required to have a bachelor's degree in any type of science, and a master's degree related to it. In this section, you also need to add your Physician Assistant Certification.

Physician Assistants represent an important part of a medical team because they help Physician Attendants in finding treatments to patient conditions.

Sample Physician Assistant Resume

Contact Information
Name: Isabel Hendey
Address: 294 Amsterdam Ave
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 18.01.1979


From my experience, I can state that Physician Assistants have to diagnose and determine the best possible cure of various conditions.


Seeking a challenging position as a Physician Assistant in a reputed firm where I can utilize my excellent organizational skills and my extensive experience in the field


Enthusiastic and dynamic Physician Assistant with solid experience in helping resident physicians in performing clinical duties like treatment and prevention of diseases

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in using medical equipments
  • Strong organizational and decision-making skills
  • Knowledge in computer programs and applications
  • Ability to respond in a timely manner to patients needs


Physician Assistant, Reap Healthcare Agents, New York, NY, 2006-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Provided patients with therapeutic healthcare services
  • Researched for the medical history of patients
  • Examined and offered treatment to various patients
  • Performed various medical procedures and interpreted laboratory results
  • Responsible for recording the treatment progress of patients
  • Discussed and informed patients about their laboratory tests and exam results
  • Responsible for keeping patient records and for updating files when necessary

Physician Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, 2000-2006
Duties and responsibilities

  • Performed casting and suturing on patients
  • Coordinated the therapy sessions with patients
  • Performed safety and environmental control methods
  • Prescribed medications and drugs to hospital patients
  • Ordered supplies or equipment for the hospital
  • Instructed patients regarding various procedures or treatments

Licensed Physician Assistant, University of Massachusetts Boston

Achievements and affiliations
Dean's Lister, University of Massachusetts Boston
Member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants since 2006

Areas of interest
Medical Care

References available upon request

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