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Podiatrist Resume

Podiatrists were also known as chiropodists. They order laboratory tests and x-rays to diagnose the problems of a patient, which they can treat by massage, manipulation, physical therapy and surgery. Sometimes they provide patients with braces, pads, bandages, splints or other supports. They may prescribe exercise, drugs or special footwear. Podiatrists can refer patients to other physicians for treatment, in case the foot problems are signs of other illnesses, such as heart trouble or diabetes.

Some podiatrists can specialize in orthopedics or foot surgery. They treat deformities of foot joints, muscles or bones. Other practitioners may specialize in podo-geriatrics, the care of the feet of the elderly or in podo-pediatrics, the treatment of foot problems of children.


The podiatrists specialized in foot surgery can perform minor procedures, in the office, but also major surgeries that require general anesthesia. In the office, podiatrists remove warts, calluses, corns or ingrown and damaged toenails. In case of patients that require anesthesia, podiatrists can perform lower-extremity reconstruction, amputations after traumatic injuries or sports, arthritic or congenital deformity correction, Morton's Neuroma removal and bunion removal.

Those interested in this profession must finish a school of podiatry. In order to be admitted in this school, a bachelorís degree is required. Although requirements vary, all states require podiatrist to be licensed, by graduating from an accredited college of podiatry and passing the examinations of the state board.

If you are curious how the resume of a podiatrist looks like, here is an example.

Podiatrist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Andrea Lanvin
Birth Date: 2 February 1977
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the position of a podiatrist in a reputable hospital

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelorís degree in podiatric medicine from the Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio in 1999


  • Vast knowledge of methods and procedures used in the treatment and examination of the human foot
  • Understanding and calm
  • Remarkable ability to evaluate the progress of patients and to present evaluative reports
  • Excellent ability to maintain a strong working relationship with patients, families and other physicians
  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational and communication skills

Professional Experience

2003-Present date: Podiatrist for St. Mary Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Examining the foot to provide a diagnosis and to administer treatment
  • Interviewing patients and recording their case history, in order to determine previous complaints and ailments
  • Interpreting x-rays and laboratory results when evaluating examination findings
  • Making certain interventions appropriate to the needs of the patient, such as performing and managing surgical procedures with bone and soft tissue
  • Supplying and administering drugs and local anesthesia to the patients

2000-2003: Podiatrist intern for St. Mary Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Diagnosing foot ailments, such as ulcers, fractures or tumors and acquired or congenital deformities
  • Treating deformities, such as weak or flat feet and imbalance with electrical and mechanical methods
  • Treating conditions, such as calluses, corns, shortened tendons, tumors, bunions and abscesses by surgical methods
  • Prescribing drugs and correcting deformities by means of strapping and plaster casts
  • Making and fitting prosthetic appliances

Respected member of the American Podiatric Medical Association

Areas of interest

  • Psychology
  • Homeopathy

Available upon request

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