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Prosthetist Resume

Physically disabled persons or those who lost limbs will need prosthetics that will allow them to function as normally as possible. Prosthetists are the professionals who create and design these devices needed by many people in order to function physically.


The first step for prosthetists is to consult with the patients, so that they can access their needs. Before that, they may receive specifications or prescriptions from a physician. With all the information and measurements gathered, prosthetist will design the prosthetic devices, by making or modifying casts and constructing the appliances. Artificial limbs can be crafted from steel, wood, leather, aluminum, cloth, plastic or rubber.

Once the design is finished, they are finally able to test and fit the appliance on the patient, with the possible help of physical therapists or doctors. Depending on the level of comfort, the appliance may be modified in the process.

In order to become a prosthetist, those interested are required to have a bachelor's degree in prosthetics or orthotics. College graduates will be eligible for certification tests offered by the Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics. However, there is also other ways of becoming a prosthetist, like for example through having an associate degree, then completing programs that will offer certification, working in the field for at least four years and taking exams.

If you are interested in helping people and want to start a career as a prosthetist, look at the following resume sample.

Prosthetist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Suzanne Smith
Birth Date: 13 December 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of prosthetist, so that I can help patients regain a normal life by using my expertise.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor's degree in prosthetics from the University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona in 1999
  • Certified prosthetis by the American Board of Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2000
  • Strong teamwork and leadership attributes
  • Remarkable time management skills
  • Proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office package
  • Strong knowledge in design specifications of prosthetics
  • Exceptional skills in reconstructions and alignment through design, measurement, fitting and fabrication
  • Ability and willingness to train and mentor undergraduates or junior staff
Professional Experience

2004-Present date: Prosthetist for Clifford Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Designing patterns for use in the process of prosthetic production and adjusting accordingly to fit the patient
  • Ensuring the prosthetic devices are properly fitted for the patients and adjusting them to a comfort condition
  • Demonstrating to the patients the appropriate functions and attachments of the prosthetics, so that they are knowledgeable of the application
  • Conducting repairs and modifying the parts if the patients experience uneasiness or discomfort
  • Selecting the components and materials that were going to facilitate ease of control and lightweight movement
2000-2004: Prosthetist for St. John's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

Duties and responsibilities

  • Designing artificial limbs for patients who lost them to illnesses or in accidents
  • Helping patients to use prosthetics while coordinating with physical therapists
  • Conducting research on various materials for the production of prosthetics
  • Modifying plaster casts so that they can be used in the construction process

Improved the living and movement comfort of many patients throughout the nine-year career

Areas of interest

  • Sport
  • Ecology

Available upon request.

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