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Psychiatric Aide Resume

The psychiatric aide is a professional who assists and monitor patients. They observe their behavior and report it to the superiors if something goes wrong. They not only check the behavior of patients but also pay attention to their various needs, such as food, dressing, administrating medication and checking their progress. Depending on each patient's condition, the psychiatric aide will try to encourage them to participate in various activities with the purpose of making them socialize and be independent. If necessary, the psychiatric aide will escort patients to various places. Observing and understanding the patient's way of reacting to a situation, would prove valuable for a psychiatrist for their next course of action. A psychiatric aide resume should be prepared keeping the job profile in mind. Like various other resumes, candidate's skills and experience proves very helpful in performing the tasks.


If you wish to make a career in this profile you should have a love for the job. One should also impart independent decision making, confidence and self control. The candidate should be mentally prepared to face any situations and handle it in the best possible way. Your resume should reflect these qualities. One should also be aware of the employer's requirements for the post in order to draft an effective resume. Your resume should talk about your abilities of caring for people and your knowledge in the field.

Sample Psychiatric Aide Resume

Personal Details

Name: Michelle Darwin
Address: 201, Dover Street, New York, New York.
Contact number: (012) 2015-7089
Birth date: 12.09.1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Psychiatric aides are specialists who dedicate their time to help the mentally impaired to regain their life, to socialize and to become independent. They are trained to help patients and offer them the chance of a better life.


I look forward to become a specialist in this profession. I aim to learn more about the patient's condition and to specialize in the most common cases of psychological disorders in order to provide quality services. I also wish to widen my capacity of learning and develop more skills which can be useful in my career


Experienced professional with interpersonal qualities, good in working with people, I want to develop a career as a psychiatric aide and to help people in need; to be close to the mentally challenged and to learn more about human behavior


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to work with people
  • Psychology knowledge
  • Medically trained
  • Ability to solve problems
Work Experience

Psychiatric aide, Municipal Hospital, Danville, 2007-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Counseling and guiding patients
  • Complete the physical checks of patients and report the observation
  • Maintain and record patient's information
  • Planning various activities
  • Observing behavior and patients improvements
  • Collaborating with nurses and the medical staff
  • Help patients to adjust with the hospital routine
  • Supervise, organize and encourage patients to participate in various recreational or educational activities

High School Diploma in Nursing Assistance, Danville University, 2006


Obtained great results while working with patients

Areas of interest



Aaron Martin
Municipal Hospital, Danville

The above psychiatric aide resume can be used by applicants as a reference before drafting an effective resume in this category. Candidates should possess good knowledge of human psychology and the methods, procedures, principles and diagnosis of its treatment. The job is quite confidential, so a psychiatric aide should be aware of their job ethics and maintain complete confidentiality as far as sharing the information to the general public is concerned. A psychiatric aide should be very patient, caring and show concern for the patients.

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