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Psychiatric Technician Resume

The psychiatric technician may perform activities like: bathing, clothing, changing beds, administrating oral medications, injections, reporting the patients' reaction to treatment, taking the pulse, temperature, observing the behavior of the patients, stopping violent or suicidal patients, leading group therapy sessions, creating a database, maintaining contact with patients' families and other activities that may be required.


The most important is that the psychiatric technician is a person who really wants to help people with mental problems, who is strong enough to deal with them and who of course has the necessary training and qualification.

It is not an easy job but may bring satisfaction. For those who want to apply for this job we have a sample below which may be useful and which may give you an idea on how to start. This job, as seen, involves a high responsibility and there are many things that should be known, so in your resume present all your knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience because they make the difference between candidates.

Sample Psychiatric Technician Resume

Personal Details

Name: Simone Drams
Birth date: 16.10.1987
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


No one wants to be ill or to have a family member ill, but in case this happens we want to receive the best treatments out there. When it comes to mental illness, emotionally disability or mental retardation, the psychiatric technician has a well defined role, working closely with the patients along with an entire team.


To develop a career as a psychiatric technician and to do my best in helping people with mental problems; to be close to them and to guide them all the way; to conduct group therapy sessions and to improve mental health on most of the patients


Very experimented with great knowledge about human behavior, great interpersonal skills and great results in my previous work I am eager to start working and to use my abilities in order to help more people


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Psychology and medical knowledge
  • Human behavior knowledge
  • Computer skills
  • Professional skills
  • Organization skills
  • Responsible
Work Experience

Psychiatric Technician, Community Hospital, Tulsa, 2008 to present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting and supporting patients
  • Monitoring medications
  • Keeping records of every day activity and progress or regress
  • Observing behavior and any changes that might appear
  • Conducting group meetings
  • Administrating medications
  • Motivating patients
  • Creating a professional relationship based on trust which will help better understand the patients

A.S. in Psychology, Tulsa University, Tulsa, 2008


  • Become a member of the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, 2009
  • Obtained the title of best psychiatric technician of the year from the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, 2010
  • Developed skills and abilities
Areas of interest
  • Psychology
  • Human behavior
  • Medicine

Stan Trims
Community Hospital, Tulsa

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