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Public Health Registrar Resume

At least once in a lifetime people need the services of a public health registrar because these people are in charge of keeping public records of the births and deaths occurring in a community. They should have knowledge of a computer database as well as being skilled in dealing with the public on a daily basis. It might also be into the candidate's advantage to have some knowledge of the medical terms used on deaths certificates or in naming the diseases.


If you encounter problems while trying to figure out how to write your resume, then feel free to use the public health registrar resume template provided below. You need to focus and to tailor the jobs' duties to the ones that will match the job description from the advertisement.

Sample Public Health Registrar Resume

Contact Details

Name: Michaela Hayes Address: 555 Duffys Way, Guthrie, OK 73044 Email: Phone: (405) 282 4955


Experienced public health registrar, seeking very fast employment and for a very long period of time, willing to work occasionally overtime or in weekends. I am very attentive to details and I assure you that I will register the correct data.


  • Attention to details
  • Very good communication skills
  • Good and proven managerial skills
  • Very good computer skills
  • Administration and management skills
  • Strong knowledge on how to operate a database
  • Good knowledge of medical terms and methodology
  • Good database management skills
  • Ability to work with public and attend to their queries and complaints

Work Experience

Public Health Registrar,
City's Central Health Office,
Guthrie, OK.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recorded birth and death certificates
  • Maintained the records of the issued certificates
  • Recorded and maintained the records for the disease reports
  • Verified with a (the) doctor(s) the birth and death certificates as well as the disease reports
  • Referred people to the closest health office for appropriate health checkups
  • Prepared medical records to be used in statistics issued by the city, county or other national department
  • Transcribe medical reports
  • Assisting chief health officer and deputy chief health officer
  • Held various responsibility in health protection service
  • Management of communicable disease outbreaks
  • Issued permits for burials
  • Informed people about the documents they need to provide in order to get copies of lost or destroyed certificates
  • Answered all kind of inquiries coming from the population, regarding some of the health services
  • Compiling patient data by standard classification systems
  • Introduced the older records in a database, on a computer
  • Providing patient medical records for doctors or other health persons
  • Maintaining the security of the medical records to make sure that confidentiality is intact
  • Providing training to medical record staff
  • Providing assistance and support to the health protection service
  • Execute other duties as directed
  • Making statistical reports on treatment of various diseases, surgeries using medical and census data
  • Making patient admission or discharge papers
  • Referring people to appropriate health agencies for consultation
  • Making database of topics like history and extent of diseases, various diagnostic procedures and treatments
  • Administration and management of the registration department
  • Supervision of the clerical staff
  • Administer activities of personnel in the medical records department
  • Making sure that all the medical reports are complete accurate and are in compliance with regulations
  • Providing medical record information to person or agencies according to the regulations
  • Post medical insurance billings

National Health Association, since 2009
National Association of Health Services Professionals


  • Bachelor's degree in Public health Services
  • Certification in database management system
  • Certificate course in public relation management
  • Registered as a Medical Practitioner in the ACT

Available upon request.

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