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Radiation Therapist Resume

A radiation therapist is a specialist who deals with X-ray scanning of the patients at a special machine. The radiation therapist can do two different jobs., on one hand, he can be a radiation therapist in charge with diagnosing the patients after identifying their diseases or problems and, on the other hand, he can use radio-therapy as a means of treatment for patients, such as those with cancer. In both cases, they are called radiation therapists.

Regarding the treatment, before each session, the radiation therapist has to make a plan and during treatment, he has to monitor the patient's physical condition permanently to detect any adverse reaction that the patient may have.


A professional in this field has to: develop photographs taken at the X-ray machines, prepare chemicals and treatments used for the contrasts in X-ray machines, to make X-rays to diagnose sick patients, to irradiate tumors for tumor destruction, to participate in radio-therapy training programs and to store and safely deposit radioactive waste.

This job requires special rooms or laboratories where X-ray examination apparatuses have to be located and where, the specialists can work in quiet and where it is very clean well lighted, and well ventilated. These rooms can usually be found in hospitals or in, public or private, cancer treatment centers.

To make a resume to apply for a job as a radiation therapist means putting on paper all your skills and abilities and drafting an impressive resume focusing on your qualification, work experience and on your great tact and patience in dealings with patients.

Radiation Therapist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Isabella Samson
Birth date: 27.03.1989
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A radiation therapist works in hospitals or clinics, in an oncology department. Usually, he assists the physician in treating cancer patients. With the help of x-rays, he will find problems and locate tumors and then he will settle a treatment plan.


To get hired as a radiation therapist and to use my skills and abilities to contribute to the patients' care


Strongly motivated, trained, with 5 years experience in the field, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, able to deal very stressed and emotionally fragile patients, I am looking forward to start working and providing care and emotional support for patients.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Great knowledge of the principles and procedures of radiation therapy
  • Good knowledge of operating and maintaining linear accelerator and all radiation therapy equipment
  • Knowledge about therapy principles
  • Positive attitude
  • Strongly motivated
Work Experience

Radiation Therapist, Saint George Hospital, Idaho, 2005 - present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing and maintaining therapy equipments
  • Operating linear accelerator
  • Following prescriptions of the radiation oncologists
  • Calculating necessary time and radiation dose for each treatment session
  • Monitoring the patient permanently during the treatment
  • Maintaining records of daily treatment

Bachelor's Degree in Radiology, University of San Francisco, 2004


  • Operated the treatment machines
  • Supervised and trained students
  • Assisted physician in treating cancer patients
Areas of interest Medicine

Radiation therapy


Raul Cage
Saint George Hospital

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