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Recreational Therapist Resume

Recreational therapists are also called therapeutic recreation specialists. As the name suggests, the recreational therapists have certain roles and responsibilities such as providing treatment and organizing various recreational activities for patients who undergo certain surgeries or operations. They also take care of those people who have a disability. The aim of a recreational therapist is to improve the physical, mental, and emotional condition of patients. They undertake the responsibilities of working with patients and try to improve their conditions by planning, organizing and conducting various recreational programs such as sports, dance and movement, drama, music, games, arts and swimming. The main purpose of arranging these activities is to help patients develop relationship, socialize, and increase their desire to lead a healthy life. The therapists may also teach patients relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, concentration, stretching and limbering exercises or others that help relaxing. A recreational therapist resume should be drafted keeping all the above factors in mind. The person applying for a job as a recreational therapist needs to be well qualified for the job.


In other words, recreational therapists are specialists who work with groups and try to improve and maintain their general health. All this activities are made with the aim of developing specific skills and for providing opportunities for mental stimulation, creativity, and fun. These activities are created with the aim to improve the condition of the patient. The recreational therapist will evaluate the progress of each patient and will make progress charts, which will be useful for creating periodical medical reports. They have to try to motivate the patients in every possible way so that they may become confident and will succeed in improving their condition. Let us have a look at the sample resume for recreational therapist, as it will help in clearing your doubts.

Recreational Therapist Resume Sample

Contact Information

Name: Sammy Adams
Address: 123 Street Road, New York
Telephone number: (1257) 578-569

Career Objective

To develop a career as a recreational therapist and to help people come out of depression and to improve their conditions. I have a long-term experience in this field and I hope that it would be helpful for the development of the organization.

Skill set and professional qualities

  • Excellent interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Organized, methodical, reliable employee
  • Ability to adjust in any environment
  • Ability to evaluate client progress
  • Knowledge of the therapeutic recreation principles, techniques and methods
  • Confidence and optimistic
  • Flexible and self management ability
  • Excellent convincing power

Work Experience

Designation: Recreational Therapist
Organization name: Local Medical Center, New Ville
Duration: October 2007 - Till date

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Organize therapeutic recreation programs for different types of patients
  • Evaluate the progress of each patient and maintain a record of it
  • Develop therapeutic recreation policies and procedures for patients
  • Maintain documents and record reports related to the documents
  • Teach relaxation techniques and therapies to the patients
  • Research on various new techniques to cure patients
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with the patient
  • Understand the psychology of the patient


Master's degree in Therapeutic Recreation, New Ville University, New Ville, 2006
Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation, New Ville University, New Ville, 2004


Received the first prize for the best recreational therapist of the year, 2009

Areas of interest:

Social Welfare


Name: Steve Thomson
Designation: Sr. Research Developer
Organization: ABS Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Phone No: (9789) 299-2256

Name: Mathew Sims
Position: Orthopedic
Organization: Alpha Research Center, Washington DC
Phone No: (567) 998-1212
E-mail id:

Other personal details:

Birth date: 17.09.1986
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes
Marital status: Married
Children: Two
Driving license: B category
Alternate Contact Number: 636-258-6565

The above recreational therapist resume sample can be used as a reference by candidates before drafting an effective resume. Your resume should be precise and to the point. It should effectively state that you are the best candidate for the job.

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