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Speech-Language Pathologist Resume

What does a Speech-Language Pathologist do?

Speech-language pathologists work with patients who can't make speech sounds or can't express them clearly; those having speech fluency and rhythm issues, for instance stuttering; patients with voice disorders, for example unsuitable pitch or harsh tone; those with issues producing and understanding language; those who desire to develop their communication abilities by tailoring their accent; and those with cognitive communication impairments, for example problem-solving, memory, and attention disorders. In addition, they work with patients having swallowing problems.


What are the requirements for becoming a speech-language pathologist?

The main requirement for these professionals is having a Master's degree. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association accredits some of the programs offered by Universities, so completing one of these will bring further chances of getting hired. While this is not mandatory, the most important need for speech-language pathologists is being National or State licensed in this occupation also by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

According to this organization, in 2009, a number of 240 academic facilities offered accredited programs, Master's degrees and Doctorates.

As these pathologists achieve knowledge and experience in a specialized field of this career, they become specialists in a particular range of age, such as adolescents or adults, or certain diseases, such as learning issues or Aphasia. Consequentially, they can obtain recognition in a certain area of expertise. Another path is becoming mentors or supervisor for future to be speech-language pathologists or choosing an administrative position in a clinical environment.

Speech-Language Pathologist Resume Sample

Personal details

Name: Hannah Perez
Address: 23, Purple Street
Purpleville, US, 30339
Home: (876) 111-2322
Mobile: (090) 578-2222


Talented professional seeking a position as Senior Speech & Language Pathologist.


Trained Speech-language Pathologist with more than 10 years of practice, planning and managing speech language pathology testing; applying suitable treatment; using aid personnel and taking part in exceptional projects as required.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Outstanding capability in writing business correspondence, reports and procedure manuals.
  • Remarkable capacity to define issues, gathers data, set up facts and portray suitable conclusions.
  • Efficient written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Excellent capabilities in maintaining and establishing valuable relationships with disabled patients.
  • Solid acquaintance with language and speech disabilities.
  • Vast skills in working both alone or as a part of a team.
Working Experience

State Hospital, Purpleville, US
2000 - 2010
Speech & Language Pathologist

Duties and responsibilities

  • Carried out activities to concentrate on methods created by the interdisciplinary group.
  • Examined language, speech and universal developmental abilities of patients.
  • Examined and discussed developmental and medical case histories with the interdisciplinary group to decide particular patient assessment strategies and needs.
  • Offered ongoing help to clients, as well as direct and consultative therapy sessions in natural setting as considered necessary.
  • Supplied technical and training assistance to patients and families.
  • Administered the changeover of patients to continuing services.
  • Aided with the instructing and training of new personnel and consultants.
Education and Training
  • Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist
  • Master's Degree in Speech & Language Pathologist, ABC University, US (1999)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Speech & Language Pathologist, ABC University, US (1996)

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