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Hotel Resume

Hotel industry is growing day by day. This industry mainly concentrates on the interaction with public. This industry comes under the hospitality industry which deals with various aspects like lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportations, cruise line and other fields related to tourism industry. A hotel resume should be drafted keeping in mind the job profile one is applying for. The skills and qualifications required for the job backed with experience would form the highlight of the resume.


It is important that the candidates applying for a job in the hotel industry has a good and effective resume handy. An impressive resume always helps in getting the desired job. Let us have a look on the format of resume writing.

Your name should appear on the top of your resume. You can place it either in the centre or at the top left corner. Along with the name mention your address, contact number and email address. These details should be correct and also legible. They should be easily accessed in case the employer wishes to contact the candidate for an interview.

Next on the list is the section of objective. Be very clear while mentioning your objective. Do not write confusing long sentences. Break the sentences to get a crisp and clear look. Your objectives will change according to the job and the company you are applying for.

Educational background
You can use a tabular form or a standard format to mention the educational qualifications. Do not forget to mention the special subjects studied if any.

Mention all the courses, diploma or certifications or internship programs that you attained during your graduation or post graduation. Mention the year you attended school and the duration of the course.

Professional experience
While listing you job experiences, make sure that you list them in anti chronological order. Write the duration of your work in that company and your designation. Also write the responsibilities you handled while working with that company under the heading of 'job responsibilities'.

It is necessary to mention the references as they are used for checking the authenticity of a candidate. Be sure that the references you provide know you personally. Write their full name, current employment status, designation, email address and contact number. Mention any two references.

Personal details
In this section you have to include the following things.

Date of Birth
Marital status
Job profile
Email id

Areas of interest
You can write about your hobbies here. As far as possible try and maintain the areas of interests in relation to the job profile.

Do's and don'ts for hotel resume writing

  • Include publications, patents, and major volunteer experiences in your resume
  • Make sure that you resume is summed in two pages
  • Place the educational background after the work experience if you have been in the workforce for more than 5 years. If the degree you have earned is very impressive, you can highlight it.
  • Do not use unnecessary details while providing the information about your accomplishments
  • Do not make your resume a list of your job duties. Make it a list of your achievements.
  • Avoid repeating the same action words in your resume.
  • Do not use 'I' or articles like 'the' while mentioning the achievements.

Remember that a resume is not a compact autobiography. Be very professional and edit your resume mercilessly. Do not include extra and unwanted information which is not related to the job profile.

All resumes, including hotel resume is a professional document. One needs to make sure that the information put in the resume is authentic and correct. The resume represents the applicant and therefore should be drafted very efficiently and effectively.

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