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Banquet Captain Resume

The banquet captain is a professional in food services, being usually employed within a facility such as a convention center, casino, hotel or banquet hall. He is in charge of overseeing each feature of a catered event, from the beginning to the end. A banquet captain also supervises the staff and works in the background of the certain event. His major responsibility concerning a planned event is to assign the duties to each employee of the team.


First of all, he controls everybody's uniform and during the certain event, he maintains a steady contact with the crowd. Concerning the organization, the banquet captain ensures that at the end of the event, the hall remains tidy and clean. He is also in charge of reporting to the management every detail regarding the event he had held. In addition, he may resolve the guests' complaints and keeps order when dealing with alcoholic clients.

Some of the qualities that a banquet captain must possess include excellent communication skills, both oral as well as written. He must also have customer service abilities, but at the same time, he should have strong knowledge about the food and its preparation.

His most important responsibility is to control the organization of a catered event or of a banquet from the planning stages to the end of the event, including table and seating preparations, scheduling the service staff and passing on specific roles to each employee.

During a certain catered event, the banquet captain will watch out the performance of the employees. For example, if a worker is overwhelmed, he will offer support where it's needed. He will also synchronize with the workers from the kitchen in order to ensure that each plate is ready and served in a proper way.

The banquet captain will make sure that all the customers are satisfied with the services he is offering.

Banquet captain Resume Sample

Brad Mayer
522 W 38th Street
New York City
10018-1104, United States
(123)-456 7890

I am looking for a banquet captain position in a reputed convention center, casino, hotel or banquet hall.

Abilities and Qualifications:

  • Ability to work under pressure, respecting the deadlines
  • Excellent ability in resolving client queries
  • Strong managerial abilities - managing a team of 6 or more
  • Bartender duties
  • Able to maintain order and assistance to the staff during set-up

Professional Experience:
Topper's Hotel and Banquet Room, New York City 2001 - 2004
Banquet Captain Manager

  • In charge of researching markets in order to discover possibilities for events
  • In charge of establishing prices for the customers
  • In charge of booking a suitable location for the event
  • In charge of organizing delegate packs and papers
  • In charge of other duties
Topper's Hotel and Banquet Room, New York City 2004-present
Banquet Captain
  • In charge of coordinating the management issues such as caterers, contractors, stand designers and employees.
  • In charge of planning room layouts and amusement program, programming workshops and other demonstrations.
  • In charge of planning good services for car parking, security, traffic control, first aid, hospitality and press.
  • In charge of planning the design of tickets, posters, catalogs and brochures

A.A., General Education
Any City Community College, 2000, Any City, USA

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet

Language Skills:

  • English - native
  • French - fluent
  • Spanish - beginner

Other Skills:

  • Written and verbal skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Important customer service skills
  • Excellent skills in management
  • Innovative and responsible

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