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Caterer Resume

Caterers are professionals that provide food service to different public or private locations, such as hotels, houses of residence, air free events like weddings and so on. Although in some cases the catering services refers only to food drop-offs, caterers are also in charge with all the activities related with the full-food serving at an event. They have to prepare the food and drinks before the event or during the event and collaborate with the catering staff in order to set up the dining area and wait the tables, in case there is no self-serve buffet involved.


In some cases, the caterer can be associated with the event planner and participate in the decorating activities and the basic organization of the event. Caterers need to know how to embellish their food and make it appropriate with different events and different themes. A caterer's resume should outline the area of culinary skills and different successful catering experiences. Catering assistance at renowned events in a community or even a city is a great asset.

Caterer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Dana Scott
590 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215,
Phone number-(203) 972-5000
Birth date: 10.10.1977
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


I am a catering professional with extensive experience in the domain and I am looking to offer my services to a catering agency that can benefit from my skills and knowledge in the culinary filed and the event-planning field.


I wish to occupy the caterer position your agency is offering and help boost the profitability of the business by providing high-quality food and drink services to clients. I am also eager to demonstrate my Asian kitchen expertise and be a part of the modernization of the catering services.


Catering professional, with experience in drop-off catering, full-service catering, cruise catering and mobile catering and with talent for event decorations and organization.


Caterer chef experience, Asian kitchen experience, creativity, leadership skills, organizational skills, good tastes and ability to adapt at customers' preferences

Computer knowledge: Windows, Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Event Manager
Mise en Place Catering Recruitment, London, UK, 2001-2010

  • In charge with managing catering events in London, deciding upon menus and waiter staff and bartenders' organization
  • adapting to the clients' needs related to food aspects such as taste and culture, providing quality catering services, attention, patience, politeness.
Kitchen Assistant
MS Allure of the Seas, cruise ship, 1992-2001

Assisting the chef in all the kitchen related operations and in the food-making process, making sure that the staff is performing at its best and that the guests are properly served.

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Cambridge University
Bachelor's Degree in Food Industry, Cambridge University


I have successfully met clients' desires and needs in demanding situations and adapted to their preferences related to food. I have catered events with vegetarian foods and kosher foods and collaborated with events planners in order to assure the best atmosphere.

Areas of interest:

foods, drinks, design, cultures, social relations


Mrs. Jully Binoche, Event Manager MS Allure of the Seas

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