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Catering Helper Resume

The catering helper is a professional that assists catering staff in the kitchen. They make sure that the working environment is safe and hygienic and they help in the preparation and serving of the food. They may be in charge with washing or peeling food, receiving deliveries from suppliers, unloading them and storing them in special spaces or store rooms. They collect and dispose the waste and operate different cooking machines.


Catering helpers can also have responsibilities in the serving procedures. They may assist waiters in serving drinks and make sure that the overall patrons' operational flow is in order during the meals. The resume of a catering helper should encompass some of the necessary skills for the job, such as interpersonal skills and dynamism, the availability to work flexible hours and the capacity to respect hygiene and safety regulations in the working place. Catering helpers must be dynamic and work resistant persons, with the ability to perform a variety of tasks in professional and timely manner and collaborate with team colleagues and with the clients effectively and satisfactory. The position is available for undergraduates and the educational background is irrelevant.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Aileen Fing
Birth date: 03.03.1981
Address and Contact Details: 3663 N Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX 77032, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I wish to improve my career opportunities by working as a catering helper at a renowned catering agency. I want to have the chance to learn more about catering and be able to perform as a catering manager using my skills.


Catering helper with experience, a food hygiene certificate and a Young Apprenticeship in Hospitality certificate, I wish to be a part of your catering team.


  • Self motivated,
  • Excellent interpersonal and communicational skills, multitasking skills
  • ability to resist under stressful conditions,
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated
  • Good ability to work quickly and maintain hygiene at the working place,
  • Can adjust to long working hours.

Computer knowledge:
basic computer literacy

Work Experience:

Catering helper, 2003-2010
Chelsea Catering Company, Texas


  • maintaining hygiene,
  • cleaning the kitchen,
  • helping in kitchen chores,
  • working with kitchen equipment,
  • receiving deliveries,
  • assisting chefs with tools and food,
  • helping with the serving and collaborating with the client.

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Texas University
Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Texas University


During my years of experience as a catering helper I have performed my responsibilities with seriousness and helped my employer company in delivering high quality services and improving its image.

Areas of interest:
catering, social events, physical labor, business

Mrs. Vivian Moore, Catering Director, Chelsea Catering Company, Texas

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