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Chef Resume

Chefs are people who work in hotels and restaurants and who usually possess more skills than a cook. A chef earns the recognition for the kitchen team. Usually, a chef organizes and supervises the tasks in a kitchen, meets with clients for organizing different events, organizes the food design and presentation, improves menus, analyzes recipes and decides the menu costs, offers costs of supplies and different ingredients, decides and establishes prices with the sales representatives, hires cooks and kitchen staff, trains the kitchen staff, examines the cleanliness of the work stations, prepares work schedules and maintains payroll records for the kitchen staff.


A chef is required to have a lot of education and has to be passionate about his work. The education of a chef is usually performed in high school or in vocational classes. Except the training, the chef also needs to posses some specific skills: excellent communication and leadership skills, time management skills; has to be orientated towards details and needs to have great interpersonal skills.

A chef has to perform well even under pressure, needs to be professional and to have a vast knowledge of food types and recipes. Good math skills are also required because the chef has to keep inventory of his customers, to keep his overhead costs under control or in line with those of the hotel or restaurant where he works. The wage of a chef depends on experience, skills or on the location of the business. The annual salary of a chef varies from $20.000 to approximately $50.000. Full-time chefs have benefits like paid vacations and health insurance.

If you are a chef who wants to change his current job, it is important that you have a resume. Here, you can take a look at the chef resume sample.

Chef Resume Sample

Margret Green456 Quibbler Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30343
H: 234-549-690
M: 7329054100

Personal Details
Birth Date: 15.08. 1975
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish
Marital Status: Married, 3 children


From my experience I can say that cooking is an art and serving customers is very important. I also have learnt that in cooking, time is the essence and seeing our clients satisfied makes me feel appreciated.


To become a chef at your restaurant or your hotel so that I can demonstrate my skills, passion and dedication to cooking by working with a cooking team in order to achieve the best results possible.


A talented and dedicated Chef with great experience in this domain, with excellent time management skills and detail oriented seeking to organize everything in a proper manner.


  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to lead a team in order to create different dishes
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Great time management skills

Career History
Chief Chef, Holyday Inn Express, San Francisco 2008-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Organizing and preparing dishes for different events
  • Coordinating a team of cooks in order to create delicious menus
  • Keep a motivated kitchen team in order to obtain maximum efficiency, look for culinary excellence and maximize profitability
  • Supervise menus storage, preparation, and production
  • Provide clean and sanitary food handling in all food areas

Chef, Restaurant Depot, San Francisco 2006-2008
Duties and responsibilities

  • Prepared meals three times daily
  • Trained new employees for maximum efficiency
  • Assured guest satisfaction by offering pleasant meals


Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts, Institute of Culinary, San Francisco

  • Managed to prepare many dishes in a timely manner
  • Created a special recipes portfolio
  • Created unique food presentation at special events

Areas of interest
Culinary arts


Sandy Parker
Head Chef
Holyday Inn Express

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