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Coatroom Attendant Resume

The coatroom is the same thing as the cloakroom. However, the latter term may also mean a waiting room or area, such as in the airport or in the hotel, but these places usually either don't have attendants, or they are just waiters offering refreshments. Regardless of the place you want to get hired, you need to know how to offer great service to the customers, because you are also representing the company you work for. In some cases, you might be the first and the last face they see there.

Coatroom attendant resume should be written in such a way that will help the recruiter shortlist your resume, that is, highlight the key points in your job profile.


Below are the few job duties and tasks for coatroom attendant:

  • To check availability of supplies and order new when needed
  • Keep the supervisors updated with problems or complaints from guests
  • Cleaning and polishing footwear
  • Operating washing machine and dryers to keep the clothes and towels clean
  • Providing towels and sheets to people in baths, steam room etc.
  • Maintaining lost and found items

Skills requirements for a coatroom attendant:

  • Active listening – pay attention to what people are saying and resolve their problems in an appropriate manner
  • Speaking – convey information effectively with the people you interact with
  • Service – positive attitude with a do-everything thinking
  • Critical thinking – use logic and reasoning to come with solutions, approaches to different problems
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Reading comprehension – for document related work containing paragraphs, written sentences

Ability requirements for a coatroom attendant:

  • Oral comprehension – listening and understanding words and sentences presented verbally
  • Oral expression – ability to communicate well with others
  • Speech clarity – ability to speak clearly

If you wondered how you could write the perfect resume for a coat room attendant, then you've come to the right place, because the resume template below can be customized to suit your needs. If it doesn't go below one or two pages do not worry, because this is all you need: most employers will not even bother to read further. You need to be able to write a resume as convincingly as possible for the highest chances to be considered for the job (sometimes, the resume is all the employers need to make up their minds).

Sample Coatroom Attendant Resume

Contact Data

Name: Gaayathrii Eswaaraaan
Address: 45, Timber Avenue, Nelson Spots, NJ 378 899 888
Phone Number: 7999 8899 8888
Email Address:

Skills And Qualities

  • Great attention to details
  • Great communication skills
  • Non-smoker
  • Knowledge of many methods for offering top quality services
  • Strong knowledge of Spanish and some knowledge of Japanese


Available for immediate employment, I am an established and an effective coat room attendant.

Working Experience

Coatroom Attendant, company, city, state, 20xx–20xx

  • Provided sheets and towels to the customers using the pool, the steam room and other facilities open to the public
  • Operated a lost-and-found collection
  • Offered information to the clients involving the costs and the procedures for using the various facilities
  • Monitored the clients to make sure they follow the safety rules and regulations provided before entering any facility
  • Operated the controls for rooms heating or cooling
  • Procured refreshments, food and other items needed by the clients
  • Registered the complaints and the problems, trying to find immediate solutions and also reporting them to the superiors at the end of the day
  • Received for storage clothing and other items from the clients, issued claim checks for the stored items and returned them when the check was presented


High School Diploma, name of the high school, city, state, year

Available upon request.

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