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Fast Food Cook Resume

Fast food cook resume is created in order to get a job in any of the reputed restaurant. If you want to pursue it as a career option, then you must possess some of the qualities such as rigor in terms of the rules of hygiene in catering, to give proof of culinary imagination, to have the ability to prepare any kind of food in accordance with the restaurant menu. They should be customer oriented, polite, energetic, friendly and resistant to work under stress. They should also possess good communication skills and should have a positive approach towards work as well as conciliatory attitude towards clients and colleagues.


This job involves preparing food as per the menus for the unit in accordance with applicable standards, installing adequate preparations and serving objectives, implementing aesthetic elements for the preparation, taking orders from clients and serving them, implementing and determining the purchase orders for raw materials, and ensuring cleanliness in the kitchen. The fast food cook should use existing resources exclusively in the interest of the company, being responsible for everything that occurs inside the kitchen. let us have a look on the sample resume for the position of fast food cook.

Sample Fast Food Cook Resume

Contact Details

Name: Ioana Maior
Address: Sr No. 17, Str. Denoiu, Brasov, United States
Phone number: 98052-6399

Career Objective

Seeking for the position of a fast food cook in any of the reputed restaurant so that I could use my skills for the beneficial of the company. I want to accumulate as much experience as possible to invent new recipes, unprecedented, to attract customers with unusual tastes. I would also like to change the negative concept that people have about fast food not being healthy by preparing new types of healthy dishes. I am an inventive person, capable of creating new menus and dishes and to surprise the customers in a positive way to make them return to the restaurant. I have more than 3 years experience in the field.

Qualities and Skill Set

  • Able to work long shifts and under stress
  • Methodical and quick thinking
  • Ability to make last minute decisions
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Calm and composed
  • Adaptable to the change in the environment
  • Excellent team members and motivator
  • Reliable and trust-worthy
  • Hard-working and dedicated

Work Experience

Designation: Fast Food Cook
Company name: Pizzeria "Mamma Mia ", Brasov, Romania, United States
Duration: October 2008- Till date

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create menus of the food items
  • Prepare or cook food according to the given order
  • Assure compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety during work
  • Coordinate with the team and help them in cooking
  • Keep a keen watch on the activities of the co-workers
  • Oversee that the work is completed on time
  • Keep the kitchen utensils and equipment clean and in good condition
  • Serve the customers and solve any of their complaints

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Cooking from University of Brasov, Romania, United States in the year 2007
  • Diploma in Cooking from HORECA Agency, Bucharest, United States in the year 2005


Rewarded as the best performer of the year from Pizzeria "Mamma Mia ", Brasov, Romania, United States in the year 2009

Areas of interest

  • Cooking
  • Serving customers


Name: Petru Mihai
Designation: Manager
Company's name: Pizzeria Mamma Mia, Brasov, Romania
Phone No: 9789- 299 - 2256

Name: Eak York
Designation: Head Cook
Organization: ZS Restaurant, Washington DC, USA
Phone number- 987-987-9696

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: August 19, 1986
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: One
  • Driving license: Yes, B category

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