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Food Batchmaker Resume

The duty of batch maker is to record productions and test data for every food product batch, such as temperature, time cycle, test results and ingredients used in the process, to observe thermometers, clean and sterilize factory processing areas, press switches and turn knobs to start and regulate equipment like discharge pipes, extruders, beaters and salt pumps.

A batch maker inspects the equipment for potential malfunctions, such as plugging and leak, and reports these problems to supervisors, operates equipment that cook, mix, blend ingredients in the manufacturing of food products, following recipes and formulas. The batch maker follows particular recipes in order to produce food products with specific flavor, clarity, texture or color, measures and weights ingredients as required.


A food batch maker must have knowledge of raw materials, quality control, costs, production processes and other specific methods for increasing the effective manufacture of goods. S/he must have knowledge of algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus and arithmetic, skills to give attention to what people are saying, to understand the point being made, and skills to watch dials, gauges, and other indicators to ensure that the machine is working properly.

A batch maker must have the skill to use mathematics to solve problems, the skill to understand written documents, the skill to understand the implications of updated information, and decision-making and problem-solving skills. As for abilities, a batch maker must have the ability to arrange things in a following pattern, to see details at a closer range, to move quickly and repeatedly, to use abdominal and lower back muscles, to tell when something is wrong with the batch, to communicate information and ideas, and to focus on a single source. If you are interested in becoming a food batch maker, you should add these skills and abilities in your resume.

Food Batchmaker Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Julia Bennet
Address: 146 Coral Street, New York, USA, 99999
Home: (555) 100 0999
Cell: (555) 677 8989


Seeking a position as a Food Batch Maker

Summary of Qualifications

  • Good coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Ability to distinguish colors and textures
  • Good physical strength and condition
Professional Experience

Food Batchmaker, 2002 • Present
Good Foods, Inc., New York, USA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operated mixing, blending and cooking machines
  • Recorded test and production data for each food product batch
  • Observed thermometers and gauges to determine if the temperature is within limits
  • Sterilized and cleaned factory processing areas and vats
  • Inspected equipment to detect potential malfunctions, like plugging and leaks
  • Followed recipes to produce foods of particular flavor, color, texture and clarity
  • Turned valve controls to adjust operation and maintain product quality
  • Direct other workers engaged in the batch making process
  • Inspected vats after cleaning to ensure that fermentable residue was removed
  • Modified and formulated recipes for particular kinds of food
  • Inspected the final product and packed it properly
  • Graded food products according to regulation and color, types and moisture content
  • Cooled food products in water-cooled kettles

Associate Degree, Culinary Arts
New York Community College, New York, USA

On-the-job training

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