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Head Chef Resume

The Head Chef is mainly responsible for coordinating and supervising the kitchen operations in a restaurant. The job duties and responsibilities of a Head Chef include hiring, training, coordinating and supervising the kitchen staff. Verifying the equipments and ingredients needed in the kitchen and planning the restaurant's menu.


The duties of Head Chef involve deciding with what frequency a menu is required to be changed, determining the portions of food served to the customers and the garnishes used. Head Chefs are also responsible for coordinating and supervising the working activities of the kitchen staff, overseeing the inventory of the restaurant, dealing with the suppliers and planning and preparing the budget. Among the tasks mentioned above, these skilled workers also have to make sure the health and safety standards are maintained within the restaurant and distribute tasks to the employees.

Your name, address and contact details should be written at the top of your Head Chef Resume. After that, add a short introduction in which you mention your skills and abilities that make the perfect candidate for this job. After this, you have to add the objective. This should be a brief sentence which should describe your goals in Customer Service industry and it should reflect your interest in this position.

In the following section you have to add your professional work experience. Present each of your duties and tasks for every position, underlining how you offered quality service to customers. Your last section has to focus on your education. A successful applicant is required to have a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Food and Beverage Management or other related field. When listing your education, remember that you have to add the name of the degree, the name of the school you attended and the location of the school. The last section has to be about your achievements. There you can add associations where you are a member, or other achievements.

Head Chefs are required to possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills used to establish and maintain strong relations with customers. They are also required to have a deep knowledge of food types and recipes and the ability to perform well under pressure.

Head Chef Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Kirby Atwood
Address: 273 Broad Street
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 19.05.1978


From my experience I can state that the Head Chef is mainly responsible for coordinating and supervising the kitchen operations in a restaurant.


Seeking to become a Head Chef in a well-reputed restaurant or hotel where I can demonstrate my skills and dedication in cooking by working with a cooking team in order to achieve great results


A talented and dedicated Head Chef with ten years of experience in coordinating and supervising the kitchen activities within a restaurant; who possesses excellent time management skills and the ability to organize everything in a proper manner.

Skills and qualifications

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills used to establish and maintain strong relations with the kitchen employees and customers
  • In-depth knowledge of various types of foods and recipes
  • Proficiency in using various computer programs and applications
  • Strong customer service and inventory management skills
  • Exceptional time-management skills

Work Experience

Head Chef, Think Food Group, Washington, DC, 2005- present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Planned, organized and prepared dishes for various events
  • Coordinated and supervised a team of cooks
  • Responsible for motivating the kitchen team in order to obtain maximum efficiency and to maximize profitability

Head Chef, Hotel Derek, New York, NY, 2000-2005
Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinated and supervised the preparation of dishes
  • Provided clean and sanitary food handling in the food areas
  • Responsible for planning and preparing the budget of the restaurant

Bachelor's Degree in Food and Beverage Management, New York University

Achievements and affiliations
Member of the American Horticultural Society since 2007

Areas of interest
Food and Beverage

References available upon request

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