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Pastry Maker Resume

Flourishing pastry makers or bakers hold the skills of following verbal and written directions, creativity, attention to details, and fundamental measurement skills and mathematics. Moreover, in the case of decorating pastries and cakes, they require having great hand-eye synchronization, manual dexterity and artistic flair.

Pastry makers and bakers work in various locations, such as restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and gourmet bakeries. The workers in this area of expertise usually work overtime so that they have the goods made when the business or store opens.


The bakers working in small stores restaurants might not require possessing any formal education just the high school diploma/GED, while larger, expensive restaurants naturally require candidates to have at least a certification or an associate degree in pastry arts. Even the pastry makers with post-secondary training have to work as assistant bakers for a few years.

In April 2010, the average yearly salary for bakers was $25,500, as claimed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For all chefs, as well as for pastry makers, the average yearly salary was $43,410.

Pastry Maker Resume Sample

Contact Details:

Jenna Kent
99, 65th Street
Bigvile, US, 73777
Home: (777) 443-0987,
Mobile: (444) 121-5342


  • Talented professional seeking a position as Pastry Maker
  • Very knowledgeable, inventive and ingenious Pastry Maker with vast background in the training and service of traditional and gourmet pastries, and various foods for catering activities and particular pastries for banquets and meals.
List of Skills
  • Over six years of experience
  • Deep knowledge in food making and service methods, including baking
  • Outstanding knowledge of catering activities and gourmet restaurants
  • Exceptional ability to be bendy under authoritarian timeframes
  • Healthy ability to work and communicate with other co-workers
  • Vast knowledge of food making, hygienic using of food, and service methods
  • Great acquaintance of marketing stratagems
  • Excellent skills in keeping record and preparing complete reports
  • Thorough capacity in dealing with others in a service maneuver particularly associated with catering and gourmet restaurants
  • Superb abilities in researching present fashions to write and regulate recipes for deserts and pastries
  • Demonstrated capability to oversee subordinate workers
  • In-depth capacity to understand and work within a pre-set budget
Working Experience

Some Hotels Co., Bigville
2004 - Present

Pastry Maker

  • Helping out in planning, directing and coordinating a meal service catering activity that includes deserts and pastries.
  • Assist in, coordinating, directing and planning a particular pastry agenda.
  • Study current fashions for desserts and pastries.
  • Help out in the standardization and development of recipes.
  • Requisition and order supplies and food in agreement with conventional specifications.
  • Perform sound public relations with guests and students.
  • Offer proper information to other service divisions as regards to menu alterations and particular catering issues.
  • Aid in putting together and applying a marketing tactic for catering services existing, particularly for the specialty pastry programs.
  • Create budget suggestions concerning food and labor rates; follow and execute the budget as decided for the catering activities by the specialized manager.
  • Supervise the service quality for catering, specialty pastry programs and special events.
  • Oversee clerical personnel or subordinates employees as given.
  • Carry out other associated tasks as assigned.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Catering & Hotel Management
ABC University, Bigville, 2003

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