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Employee Relations Specialist Resume

Employee Relations Specialists are the main connection between the management and the employees. Working in a Human Resources department along with HR recruiters and specialists, Employee Relations Specialists are responsible for handling all aspects of labor relations. They must be able to identify and solve conflicts between workers or between workers and outsiders; conflicts that could affect the company. They are also in charge of ensuring a proper and effective communication at all levels, especially with the management. A good Employee Relations Specialist has excellent communication skills and negotiation competences and the ability to listen, understand and provide counsel.


When creating a resume for a position as an Employee Relations Specialist, it is recommended to focus on the working experience as well as on the skills and competencies that make you the best option for the job. Mention all relevant former experience in human resources and counseling, and also write what achievements you have had.

Employee Relations Specialist Resume Sample

Contact information
Name: Melinda Bailey
Address: East Eldridge Street, New York
Birth date: 24.08.1965
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 1990


An Employee Relations Specialist is a professional working in the Human Resources department and responsible for monitoring and coordinating employee relations programs.


I am looking for a position as an Employee Relations Specialist where I can use my skills and human resources experience in order to ensure a proper development of the labor relations and contribute to the company's positive communicational system.


Self motivated, responsible and experienced Employee Relations Specialist, with excellent communication skills and mediation competencies. I am eager to join your team of professionals and face new challenges while ensuring a proper communication within the company.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Good negotiation skills;
  • Analytical thinking and strategic planning;
  • Able to meet deadlines;
  • Efficient in time management;
  • Ability to work under stress;
  • Highly organized;
  • Hard working and dynamic person;
  • Self motivated and open minded;
  • People oriented and problem solver;
  • Reliable and able to counsel and provide guidance;
  • Good computer skills.

Work experience

Employee Relations Specialist, IBM, 2005-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Establishing company's employee relations strategies and objectives;
  • Identifying the company's necessity for labor relations programs;
  • Identifying and solving employee problems, conflicts and concerns;
  • Counseling and advising employees;
  • Ensuring a proper communication between employees and between them and the management team;
  • Organizing and conducting employee communication seminars;
  • Organizing regular meetings to discuss employment issues, social problems or cultural problems;
  • Promoting honesty, morale and ethics among employees;
  • Performing research activities in order to discover new techniques to improve communication within the company;
  • Preparing training materials, brochures, presentations;
  • Writing regular reports about my activity.

Vice President of Human Resources, Key Food, 1990-2000
Duties and responsibilities

  • Established, developed and implemented the company's strategic recruitment and selection plan;
  • Formulated and implemented Human Resources policies and objectives within the company;
  • Coordinated and collaborated with all of the Human Resource staff;
  • Recruited, trained, supervised and evaluated the department staff;
  • Protected the employees' interests in accordance with the HR policies;
  • Created and developed training programs for all new employees;
  • Supervised the creation and development of compensation strategies and competitive salary levels;
  • Coordinated the administration of benefit programs to include health, retirement, disability and unemployment;
  • Established new procedures and techniques to improve human resources data management

Education and training

Master's Degree in Human Resources, University of New York
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, University of New York

Achievements and affiliations

Designing a successful labor relations program
Member of the National Association of the Businesswomen

Areas of interest


References are available upon request

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