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Employment Interviewer Resume

The job recruiters are people hired by a certain company to find candidates for their open job spots. The recruiters can work for only one company, or more. If they work within a company, the job recruiter will join the rest of the human resources personnel of the company. After some time, they can be promoted


Some people choose to be recruiters for a recruiting company, which has their own clients -that is fine. In any case, an employment interviewer must have very good communication skills, and some psychology knowledge. This is needed in order to get some insight on the candidate's personality. Knowing this, the recruiter can decide if he/she is the right candidate for the position. It is not uncommon for recruiters to test the candidates. This depends on each position, and the tests can be verbal, written or technical. That is why the job interviewer must also have some computer knowledge. Computer tests are very common at job interviews nowadays.

The job interview must also have a strongly built resume, when searching for a job. This article deals with just that - gives an example of what a recruiters resume should look like, in order to ensure an interview. Pay attention to the details and you most likely will get the desired recruiting job.

Sample Employment Interviewer Resume

Personal data

name here
birth date here
address here
email address here
phone number here
driver's license here


I want to find a job within the human resources personnel, in your company. I am seeking a long term position. I hope that my skills and abilities will make me the right person to be chosen for the recruiter's position. I believe that I can be a great asset to your company, by choosing the right candidates for your future job openings.


  • very strong communication skills, oral and in writing
  • self motivated person
  • I have psychology knowledge/abilities
  • detail oriented person
  • quick thinker, problem solver
  • I can multitask
  • high resistance to stress
  • I work well with people
  • unbiased thinking, I can easily see people's real skills
  • strong computer knowledge (the Office pack, Internet)
  • organizing abilities

name of the company, city, state, 10zz-10zz

Recruiter Duties and Responsibilities:

  • announced the open position
  • closely read the candidate's resumes
  • interviewed and tested the suitable candidates
  • sent the suitable resumes to the manager of my department
Assistant Manager, name of the company, city, state, 20xx-20xx

Duties and responsibilities:

  • organized meetings
  • organized various events
  • kept connected with clients and providers by phone, emails
  • various administrative duties
  • hired people, handled their working contracts or terminated their work contracts

High School diploma, city, state, 20xx - 20xx
Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, city, state, 20xx – 20xx


References are available upon request.

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