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Human Resource Labor Relationship Specialist Resume

We cannot talk about some clear steps that someone would have to go through in order to work in human resources. There are, for example, companies that ask from someone running for the position in the HR department, for a diploma from the Faculty of Psychology. In other cases, experience is the only thing that matters; so, the criteria according to which a person is chosen for a job as human resources labor relationship specialist may vary from one company to another given to the company's structure, number of employees or field of activity.


In any case, a good human resource labor relationship specialist has to keep constant contact with the company's employees and receive feedback sent by employees related to the processes within the organization. He will be the one assisting workers and employers and helping them negotiate their contracts. Also, when a dispute occurs, the specialist will have to solve the problems between the employees, being objective and reaching a solution, which will satisfy both parties involved in the conflict.

The duties of a human resource labor relationship specialist are numerous. They vary from keeping good relationships between the employees to recruiting, from working with all the members of the company to directing the activities of the HR department.

As stated, different employers can look for different things from a human resource labor relationship specialist. So, it is important to make a clear, easy to read resume, which includes and focuses not only on education or experience but on every important aspects of your career in the field.

Human Resource Labor Relationship Specialist Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Kathie Fremont
Birth date: 2.10.1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Relationships are very important in a company and in our days all big companies know this and they are enlisting the help of a human resources labor relation specialist to make things work between the employees. The human resources labor relation specialist is a person with a very important place in the human resources department of any company. He takes care of the labor relationships and manages the human resources department.


To obtain a job as a human resources labor relation specialist, to be successful and to make the best of the career opportunities offered by this position


Reliable employee with vast psychology knowledge, trained to be a human resources labor relation specialist, I like working with people and helping them overcome their work related problems


  • Human relationship skills
  • Human psychology knowledge
  • Self- motivated
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fluent in French
  • Management and administration skills

Work Experience

Human resources labor relation specialist, Continental Enterprise,
Seattle, 2002-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Solving dispute between employees
  • Conducting training programs in human resources
  • Recruiting, testing and hiring employees according to the company's standards
  • Instructing junior human resource labor relation specialists
  • Developing human resources policies and implementing them


High School diploma in Psychology,
Seattle University, Seattle, 2001

Conducted the human resources department

Areas of interest

  • Human relationships
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology


Victor Tunes
Continental Enterprise, Seattle

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