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Personal Secretary Resume

A personal secretary has to handle the day to day to affairs of a firm and make sure that all the things are well organized and easily accessible. They assist the managers or directors to plan events, organize meetings and follow all the instructions as required. They need to highly efficient and quick in doing things. They should also be highly qualified and skilled to perform the day to day tasks such as writing formal letters, notices, preparing the minutes of the meeting, getting in touch with news agencies for publishing tenders and so on. A personal secretary possesses the most confidential information of a firm and should be quite loyal in doing their job. Although the job profile differs from organization to organization; the position of a personal secretary is quite demanding. A personal secretary resume should be drafted keeping the job profile in mind and the employers expectations from the candidate.


A personal secretary might also perform administrative work such as answering phones and emails, keeping in touch with the clients and meeting and greeting the visitors. They might also handle the task of hiring personnel for various positions in the firm and perform background check on the already existing employees. The duties and responsibilities vary from firm to firm and thus before applying for the secretary position they should be aware of the job responsibilities. This would also help them to draft an effective resume as they might highlight those skills, qualifications and duties undertaken the previous jobs that might match with the one they are applying. Most employers prefer to shortlist candidates who are already experienced in the said job as with experience comes perfection and innovation.

If you wish to draft a personal secretary resume but are not sure of how your resume should be written, here's an example to help you with that. Even people with good work experience in this profile might fail to get the desired job because of a poor written resume. This template will ensure that you get the interview for a private secretary job. All of the fictional data should be replaced with your own, of course!

Sample Personal Secretary Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Maria Labroid
Address: 5th avenue street, Manhattan, NY
Phone number: 555-5145
Email address:
1/2/2012 Nationality: American
Driver's license: yes

Work Objective:

I am seeking for a job as a private secretary. My experience in the administrative field makes me the best candidate for this position. I wish to work for a company that can offer me the possibility to advance and get promoted. I also want to work in a well established company, in which I can build my career.


  • Very strong computer skills (MS Office, Adobe, Excel, Internet)
  • Very good communication abilities, both written and verbal
  • A quick and efficient learner
  • Can work well individually and in a team
  • Strong management skills
  • Career driven and detail oriented
  • Good at multi tasking
  • Excellent with paperwork

Work Experience:

Secretary, Risa Foundations, 2005-2010, New York

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Answered letters, phone calls and emails
  • Kept in touch with the providers
  • Hired new staff, held interviews and reviewed applications
  • Translated legal documents from English to French
  • Signed deals and handled the company's paperwork
  • Managed the director's agenda
  • Attended business meetings when needed
  • Supervised the personnel within my department of work
  • Arranged reservations and booked hotels for the manager

Bachelor's degree in Languages, University of NY, New York, 2003-2005
High school diploma, Center High, New York, 2000-2003


Are available upon request
The above resume can help candidates draft a personal secretary resume effectively. One should also make sure that your resume is not over burdened with information. Be precise, clear and impressive with the choice of words and what you wish to communicate.

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