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School Secretary Resume

The school secretary is an educational administration employee, subordinated to the school principle and with tasks that are assigned by the school principals. School secretaries have to take care of the clerical work necessary in an educational institution. They do basic office clerk tasks, such as answering phones, appointing meetings, giving information to the public or parents, organizing and compiling paper work, correspondence and so on. They also assist students in all their clerical issues, like registration, graduation, transfers and other related aspects.


School secretaries keep records and assist principals in making reports regarding different matters. They inform the parents in school related matters and transmit the parents' messages to teachers. They also assist the teachers in different administrative issues. Depending on the educational level of the school, their responsibilities could be more or less complex. In higher educational forums, it is more likely to be more than one secretary or administrative assistant. The resume of a school secretary should underline the administrative and clerical skills, organizational and communicational skills. The educational background is irrelevant, but similar work experience is most definitely an advantage.

School Secretary Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Faith Moody
Birth date: 04.04.1982
Address and Contact Details: 654 White Fence Way, Redmond, WA 5344265-54125, (203) 972-54325
Nationality: Mexican
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


Have extensive clerical and administrative experience in the educational environment, as have worked as a school secretary for several years. I wish to further follow my clerical career and offer my services to an educational institution. I guarantee quality work performance and a strong developed set of adequate skills and abilities.


My objective is to develop the career as a school secretary in your institution, to be a part of your competitive team of professionals and use my knowledge and skills in the assistance of all administrative aspects.


School secretary with experience, looking for a new place of work in a more competitive and challenging institution that can offer great opportunities and a good prospect for the future.


Clerical skills, organizational and administrative skills, interpersonal and communicational abilities, capacity to carry on assigned tasks and meet daily and general targets, multi-tasking abilities

Computer knowledge: basic computer literacy

Work Experience:

School secretary, 2003-present
Erasmus Public School, Washington


  • performing office work, answering phones, typing official documents,
  • managing parents and students requirements and complaints,
  • assisting the principal in his daily tasks,
  • keeping records, making appointments, ordering supplies and managing bills and other financial expenses,
  • managing meals, trips and school buses related issues,
  • collaborating with social workers and establishing relations between the school and the community through diverse means
Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Social Services, Washington University


As a school secretary, I have contributed to the well functioning of the school in its administrative and clerical aspects on a daily basis and have helped the principal to achieve his tasks and objectives.

Areas of interest:

Business, education, children, administration, social networking


Mr. George Kloom, Principal of Erasmus Public School, Washington

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