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How to have a Successful Lunch Interview

Job interviews are never easy and the rules that the employee has to respect are forever changing. The latest method used by the employers to approach applicants is the lunch interview. Usually this method is used by the employer in order to learn about the applicants, when time is stretched in hiring. The lunch interview intimidates most of the employees. They feel nervous and are totally overwhelmed with the idea of having to eat with a possible employer and answering their difficult questions. Here are some tips and pointers on how to have a successful lunch interview.


Be careful to know the table manners; this is applicable not only when you eat in public but for every situation. So, use the correct table etiquette like chewing with your mouth closed, putting a napkin on your lap and not keeping your elbows on the table. These rules must be respected because you certainly don't want to represent yourself in a negative light and to lose the job because you don't know how to eat.

You have to know that every part of the lunch will be carefully observed and analyzed by the interviewer. Be polite and courteous with the staff, with the people around you and every person that you came in contact with. The employer needs to see that you can communicate and be polite with everyone around you, from clients to other employees or supervisors, if he decides to hire you. One of the last things you want to present to the employer is that you cannot treat people in a considerate and courteous manner.

It is known that if you are invited to a lunch interview with the employer, he will pay for it as a part of the interview. So, order with caution; don't order everything from appetizers to desserts. It is good to just order the main meal and to keep it modest. You certainly don't want to order an expensive meal and take advantage of the employer's good graces because it is unprofessional.

You must refrain from ordering something sloppy during the lunch interview. A sloppy meal can detract from the main purpose of the lunch interview and this refers to communicating the employer your main skills and qualifications. So, it looks unprofessional if you are constantly trying to get reins on sloppy food and spill it everywhere including on your face. In order to avoid these kinds of embarrassing situations, it is better to order something easy like a salad or sandwich. This way you will be able to communicate easier.

After the lunch interview be careful to thank the employer for the interview and also for the meal. This way you show him that you didn't just expect to receive a free meal, but the main purpose of the lunch was a business meeting. Don't offend the employer by offering to pay for the lunch. At the end, shake the employer's hand and thank him for his time and consideration.

Nowadays, the employment market has become very complicated. There are constantly appearing many types of interviews and the rules are frequently changing. So, if it happens for you to be called for a lunch interview, respect the simple rules mentioned above and you will definitely have a successful lunch interview.

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