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Keeping Positive after a Job Loss

It is very hard to lose a job and to face financial uncertainty. ButHowever, the situation can be better if you use the right tips. The first think you have to know is that you need to stay positive after a job loss. Try to combat the negative feelings like panic and despair. The normal feeling a person goes through after losing job are:

  • Loss of self esteem and self respect
  • Loss of professional identity
  • Loss of sense of security
  • Lose of purposeful activity


Here are some tips and pointers on how to face unemployment and how to keep positive after a job loss. The best way to be on top of the job loss situation is to talk about your feelings and emotions with your family, friends and colleagues. Accept the fact that you have lost your job and the sooner you accept it, the better; you will get more strength to recollect yourself and start looking for a new job. Do not blame yourself for losing the job. If the looser feeling creeps inside you, then your self-confidence will go down and this will hamper your job search. Ask friends if they know someone that might be hiring because this will keep you positive and energetic. Stay in touch with people that know your main goal: finding a new job because you will receive support and you will better your chances of finding a job to replace the one that you just lost.

Start to search for another job because it will keep you busy and it will give you energy. It is clearly that no one will going to tell when to look for a job, but the thing is that after a week or more of unemployment people begin to feel depressed. For example, many people who cannot find a job that suits their interests usually give up looking. This is a huge mistake, because first you need to have an action plan to keep you motivated; second because if you stop searching for a job, you might miss some great opportunities in the competitive market.

Another thing that will help you to stay positive after a job loss is to apply for unemployment. This will definitely help you to be more relaxed and to worry less about your bills and taxes. You are allowed to apply for unemployment if you were laid off and with the extra money from the employment, you will pay a part of your debts, which is better than no paying at all.

Revising your budget after a job loss could help you keep a positive attitude regarding your financial situation. So, start to revise your budget and your finances, because it will make you feel more in control. This way the situation won't look so desperate, but it will be a lot more manageable.

Be creative and try to make money with the help of other positions that your last one. There are many ways through which you can earn some extra money until you find a new job. For example, you can contract your services out or you can help with minor jobs in your field. Host a yard sale with some of your things after cleaning out the garage or sell items on eBay. There are many ways of making money if you are creative, so until you find a new job improvise.

A job loss is an unpleasant and unfortunate situation for many people, especially in the current economical situation. So, if you are one of those who were laid off keep in mind these advices

  • talk to your family and friends about your situation
  • make an action plan and start looking for a job
  • apply for unemployment to pay some of your bills
  • revise your budget so that you feel more in control and be creative and improvise new ways of making money until you find a new job

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