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Most Common Interview Mistakes

It is common among humans that they cannot perform under pressure. Put them on a chair on any given day to prove their worth and I bet they would not match even 50% of their potential. It is for this very reason that most job seekers find interviews very stressful. It is said stress and mistakes go hand in hand. Keeping this principle in mind we can conclude that a lot of mistakes or blunders happen during interviews. With time as an individual grows they realize their mistakes. Failures are not just called the stepping stones for success! Well we cannot discuss all the mistakes that an individual happens to do during the interview but we can certainly talk about the most common interview mistakes.


Here are a few things that one should keep in mind while preparing for an interview in order to avoid them:

  1. Be prepared for the interview: Reputed organizations do not frequently have job openings, especially for a particular profile that interests you. First timers should have a thorough practice of the interview. Check for the most frequently asked interview questions and be prepared to answer them appropriately. Take help from a friend or a mirror to conduct a rehearsal. This might prove very helpful and also boost one's confidence.

  2. Be yourself: Most job seekers try to create a fake image during the interview. They try to pretend to understand a question that they haven't understood or worst; try to show off that they are thinking. Although one needs to be diplomatic while answering to the questions, the trick here is, if you are not aware of the answers, say it so. One should be transparent while portraying their image, and try to relax during the interview.

  3. Research about the company: Employers appreciate job seekers who know about the company and its motives. They find the candidate knowledgeable and someone who is aware of the market trends. It is important that the applicants know a little about the company before going for an interview.

  4. Be punctual: Candidates need to bear in mind to be on time for the interview. In case you failed to reach the desired destination on time, apologize for the same than giving reasons as why you reached late and had problems with the location of the organization. It is also not appropriate to blame someone for giving the wrong directions or its location.

  5. Dress Formally: One of the most common interview mistakes that a candidate does while going for an interview is – inappropriate dressing. It is important that you dress properly keeping in mind that you are going for a business meet. Clothes talk a lot about the candidate's persona. You might pick up bright shades but avoid a party wear.

  6. Follow etiquettes: Basic rules such as keeping you cell phone on silent mode to avoid distractions, fidgeting with your pen or any other belongings, chewing a gum or checking the time should be avoided. The employers do not know you in person so your body language speaks a lot. Constant checking of time during the interview would portray that you wish to get out of the place as soon as you can or probably not interested. Chewing a gum would show your casual attitude towards you job, the organization and also the interview. Fidgeting on the other hand would make the employers assume that you are too nervous and not prepared for the interview.
    An interview can be life changing for most candidates and an important step towards a bright future. Your seriousness should be communicated in the right manner with the right kind of attitude.

  7. Do not give away your demands: The last thing an employer would look into a co-worker or a colleague is – being demanding. One should avoid making demands during an interview. Apart from this do not discuss about your salary and compensation too early as it also portrays a wrong image of the candidate.

These are the most common interview mistakes that most candidates do, during an interview. They can be avoided with time and experience.

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